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It's time to implement ships in widelands. I see 2 kind of ship features.
1 - waterways. here carrier (with small boats) can transport goods over shallow water of a limited length
2 - landings. build big ships. once the big ship lands it will build a warehouse + some goods to start building a wood cutter etc
2.b follow up landings. maybe transport large sets of goods over larger distances to 'reenforce' the earlier landings.

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Not everything implemented from this blueprint, but should better be handled seperately (if they aren't already) in their own blueprint.

As the basics are implemented -> status implemented


Waterways and "big ships" are essentially entirely separate (except that maybe we want to have a single Shipyard building that builds both boats and ships, similarly to Settlers 2).
The common link being dealing with watter and (although they are different) require pathfinding across watter tiles. both with different requirements but idealy the same algorithm should be used but just feed it a different set of requirements.

Waterways: Boats should be able to transport both wares and workers (unlike Settlers 2, where only wares could be transported). Rationale:
1. Being able to transport workers on boats is actually a cool feature.
2. It would be more difficult to implement boats that *cannot* transport workers. The reason for this is that an immense amount of code in the Economy logic assumes that wares and workers can always travel along the same routes. Figuring out all the places that would have to be changed to get rid of this assumption is a nightmare.
The new feature here would be that a worker would have to wait for an boat to arive and can't just 'walk' the way across.

Ships: As a first step, Harbor buildings and transport between harbors should be implemented and made reliable. Expeditions and landing in other places should come as a second step.

I started a blueprint wiki page for the first step (as it is needed for the atlantean campaign) at --Nasenbaer


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