Integrate Dontarion's wholist into mapper

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Would be a very useful addition to have Dontarion's wholist script integrated in the mapper.

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Keneanung: I have a basic wholist parsing working, which looks like this:
Kakotas Ascending the Shallam Road (3556)
Anicetus Deli of Disaster (16327)
Acrondalis Medina Street (3695,3741, 3742)
Evelace A very boring room. Chang (309,23310, 25489, ...)
Morro Fire and Spice (2892)
Wronic An intimate bedroom in hu
Kerlie A refreshing mountain lak
Kez The Garden of the Beast
Aduan The Crossroads (2069,3770)
Shibumi Inside the Medina (3701)
Kestyn Upon the wide Zaphar (23933)
Shirszae A widening trail (2163)
Gial A very boring room. Chang (309,23310, 25489, ...)
Hawkyra Ascending the Shallam Road (3556)
Raenar A large bath (329)
Leota Beach on Lake Balaton (12901,12903, 12905)
Banador Centre Crossing (4926)
Xyramae Stone working room (2580)
Ferrath Inner courtyard of the Lyceum (5609)
Tariel Rough stairwell in the Fortress o (2749)
Lanar Garden of Spirit (298)
Holinthal Deli of Disaster (16327)
Taur Approaching the edge of the valle (10840)
Randi Southern docklands (2828)
Ariafel Along the Aalen stream (6333)
Ayleth Stygian crossroads (1)
Raynor Beneath an old oak (11599)
Josaphine The Empyreal Gallery (3610)
Kellonius The Silverdrop Inn (3574)
Marchadi The Sangre Plains (25095,25096, 25097, ...)
Perkins A long hallway (17220,17221, 17223, ...)
Reonna Garden of Spirit (298)
Ogmios Ivy-covered archway to Minia (10918)
Romeo, The Ring of Portals (15522)
Twil The Crossroads (2069,3770)
Amunet Fire and Spice (2892)
Flec Centre Crossing (4926)
Ryzen The Shadows of Chaos (16328)
Saadya The Arcanists' Teleportation Cham (5446)
Addonex Fork in road through dusty plains (292)
Mephaos Dark sewer tunnels (20294,20295, 20297, ...)
Stanislav Prelatorian Highway on outskirts (820,821)
Orielle Anza Street near the warehouses (2881)
Elianon The Garden of the Beast
Cris Deli of Disaster (16327)
Tokugawa Hall of arms (13461)
Silvarien The Cyrene gates (4922)
Amariel The Arcanists' Teleportation Cham (5446)
Daryn A large bath (329)
Shoshonna The Garden of the Beast
Miad A peaceful, well-lit bedr
Nazar Ascending the Shallam Road (3556)
Sidai Inner courtyard and sculpture gar (5608)
Thundarsa Within Cyrenian citrus groves (5755,5756)
Naeth Base of the Eleusian Gatehouse (23942)
Rya Upon a rushing river (14659)
Kantek Inner courtyard and sculpture gar (5608)
Tarnath Inner courtyard and sculpture gar (5608)
Hation The roulette room in the Pheidas (12948)
Orim Fish Street (3570,3582, 3592, ...)
Xenomorph A guardhouse (13590)
Stuart Watch post by the gate (23939)
Darkyra A cool, deep lake (23079,23322, 23323, ...)
Venara A memorial rooftop patio
Pelaya Common room of the Crystal Leaf I (11614)
Joannah North of New Thera (25244)
Sneux Base of the Eleusian Gatehouse (23942)
Ani Shadow and Flame (2049)
Qetagh Base of the Eleusian Gatehouse (23942)
Saki Bottom of a steep tunnel (3127)
Clark Deli of Disaster (16327)
Zech Watch post by the gate (23939)
Razool The Crossroads (2069,3770)
Ciela Inside a mausoleum (1461)
Birch The Great Grove (17164)
Oldin Upon a rushing river (14659)
Analena Eastern end of a nameless street (16799)
Eld Garden of Spirit (298)
Zeon The Shallamese Arena Staging grou (3805)
Hatusk Circle of dead trees (17538)
Kalvon Shallam Road (3542,3562, 3571)
Myrrha A well-kept stable (8031)
Lacertix Serpentis Boulevard (1987,1988, 1989, ...)
Desiderius Eastern end of a nameless street (16799)
Kest Stygian crossroads (1)
Laef Hall of Learning in the Academy (2000)
Perdynmos Centre Crossing (4926)
Ada Shallam Road (3542,3562, 3571)
Trenia Fish Street (3570,3582, 3592, ...)
Veatu Parade of Zarathustra before a st (1279)
Tavish Upon a rushing river (14659)
Nikalagarto The Subterranean Chambers (216,24816)
Leila Eastern end of a nameless street (16799)
Fyll Climbing the tunnel (4068)
Ahrehn Base of the Eleusian Gatehouse (23942)
Mindry Lobby of the Lyceum of Cyrene (5602)
Garatar The Crossroads (2069,3770)
Teiya Common room of the Crystal Leaf I (11614)
Serhan Village market (6045)
Assai Centre Crossing (4926)
The In a narrow passageway (3170)
Dracot North of New Thera (25244)
Orex Rocky vantage point within the It (16449,16450, 16451, ...)
Buob Circle of paper birches (11563)
Kilik A camp amid the hills (24163)
Cooper Above hundreds of jellyfish (12628)
Salvatrice Clearing in Pixie village (10927)
Bereus A blacksmith shop (5404)
Griglak Deep in the Elmwood (16404,16405, 16406, ...)
Kroenen Fire and Spice (2892)
Karyia Nature's Harmony (5421)
Tironitus An arcane chapel (13458)
Pein Animal trail through the Granite (3031,3032, 3034, ...)
Falix Spirit Lane at Tensmis Road (5654)
Sothantos The spectator stands of the Maran (3806)
Samon The Anvil (3558)
Eiku Rocky stretch of desert (7815)
Vaehl North of New Thera (25244)
Dunn A guardhouse (13590)
Mista North of New Thera (25244)
Felipe Ivy-covered archway to Minia (10918)
Dhurga The Eleusian Forge (23944)
Zinka Darkened Forge
Ocyale Library of pain (17701)
Malagreth The Granite Hills
Lothiac Pachacacha through the Savannah (4025)
Nyrik East of Central Market (16310)
Fendo The temple smithy (17017)
Ginmund In the shallows of Lake Muurn (5762,18716, 18717, ...)
Onu Zaphar Promenade (3595,3596, 3597, ...)
Neia Porta Aquila (1954)
Rynn Outside a small hut (17484)
Keneanung Garden of Spirit (298)

Note: the room names are actually a bit further from the person's name and right aligned.

And... no I don't have that script.


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