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This is a spec describing UWA.

Most computers today are connected to the Internet, and sharing information over the web has become very common. Faster computers and faster internet connections bring new possibilities to the world of web sharing. We share our documents, photos, music and videos over the Internet.

The goal of UWA is to provide the user with a user-friendly web interface to his computer. Through this interface he will be able to access his files, photos, music, remote desktop and so on. In other words: a web portal to your PC.
UWA is not supposed to be a server control application, but aims to use web serving to let you easily and securely set up a streaming music server, a file server, a VNC server, and several other applications, and pack it neatly together in a portal, your home away from home, the UWA portal.

Use Cases

- Jane took a lot of beautiful photos on her vacation. Now she wants to show them to her mother. All she has to do is to drag the files over to her Public Photos folder and they will be available on her UWA portal through any web browser.

- Simon forgot to copy over his homework to his USB thumb drive. When at school, he logs on to his UWA from the school computer, selects "Documents" and downloads his homework files.

- Mary wants to listen to her music collection from work. She logs on to her UWA portal, selects "Music" and is able to browse through her entire music collection. She selects her favorite song, and listens

- Jacob is extremely proficient with document design in OpenOffice. Bob, however, is not and would like to learn how to insert a photo. Jacob directs Bob to his UWA web portal. From there, Bob can start up a Remote Desktop session to Jacob's computer and gaze in awe at Jacobs mad OpenOffice skills.

- Alice wants to download the latest version of Ubuntu with bittorrent to her home computer, so it will be done by the time she gets home. She logs on to her UWA portal, and navigates to the bittorrent interface, uploads a torrent file, and starts the download.

UWA is supposed to be a user-friendly tool for configuring the necessary services
UWA is not to be a power users tool for configuring servers. It is supposed to be:
    * Helping the user set up the base serving stack (HTTP-server with PHP/Python and an RDBMS).
    * Taking care of installing and configuring the applications which are to run on the UWA portal (Photo album, VNC-server, music server, etc)
 * The user will of course be able to only install the applications he need.

After the user has installed UWA, he gets a user interface where he can configure the portal. The settings will be saved and reflected in the UWA portal, accessible through http://localhost. Now the user can start to enable the applications he wants. When enabling an application UWA will install the necessary packages/files, and will give him some configuration options, like where the music directory is located and so on. Then when he has finished configuring, it will be ready and available through the UWA portal.

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