Add -lowlatency kernel to the universe repository

Registered by Scott Lavender

Adding the -lowlatency kernel into the universe repository will allow Ubuntu Studio users to have a tuned kernel for audio work installed by default.

This kernel will be built and maintained by the Ubuntu Studio team including the responsibility of rebasing the kernel for security updates.

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Scott Lavender
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Accepted for precise-12.04
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milestone icon precise-12.04
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Scott Lavender

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[sl] start blueprint - INPROCESS
[sl] talk to jjohansen (security kernel engineer) in #ubuntu-hardened on Monday - TODO
[sl] write specification - TODO
[dtc] review blueprint/specification - TODO
[sl] update blueprint/specification - TODO

[sl] talk to a lot of people about getting -lowlatency kernel in repos- INPROCESS
[sl] blog about getting -lowlatency kernel in repos - TODO
[sl] blab ad naseum at UDS about getting -lowlatency kernel in repos - TODO
[uds-p] decide on kernel version - TODO

[ab] create git branch based on ubuntu kernel - TODO
[sl] package and build -lowlatency kernel in team branch - TODO
create debdiff against -generic kernel in repos [1] - TODO
create bug report and attach debdiff or attach the team branch [1] - TODO
subscribe ubuntu-sponsors [1] - TODO

update seeds for -lowlatency kernel - TODO
build image and test kernel - TODO

daniel t chen says:
 * Try to scope the blueprint to cover just the points that adding a source and binary packages would require
    - make sure you have a publicly accessible git tree that can be cloned (luke and aboganni can help here)
    - Make sure that the -lowlatency that you propose is actually building and booting on current Precise
    - Also, make sure that the packaging is solid

 * there's a lot of implied background work:
    - build and ensure a strong, positive, responsive working relationship with upstream, e.g., Thomas, Ingo.;
    - build and maintain a lab of (or have access to responsive testers who have) myriad hardware on which to spin and boot kernels and run stress test suites
    - not to mention the Ubuntu ISO/QA portions. For the latter, talk to +Ara Pulido and +Pete Graner.

 * Failover, i.e., contingency, is another big point.
    - Adding a new kernel to the archive implies - and requires - a significant continual investment on your team, on the release team, and on the testing team.
   _- What happens if you get a couple uploads into Precise and then have to bail? Who're your point (wo)men?


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