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Registered by Kaj Ailomaa on 2013-09-17

The ubuntustudio-audio package and workflow blueprint for the 14.04 LTS release.

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Kaj Ailomaa on 2014-05-07

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This is the blueprint for the Ubuntu Studio Audio workflow.
Find, research and select audio packages and tools for the LTS release.


Work Items

Work items:
[ubuntustudio-dev] Check jackd1/jackd2 dependency issues (installing jackd1 removes many applications), there may be a Debian bug - this should also be fixed in Debian: TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] default jack settings - set reasonable, yet sane, default jack settings (some changes could be made upstream, like sample rate): TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] audio plugins - we ship a large amount, can this be cleaned up (or can we add a ubuntustudio categorization, to help find recommended plugins?): TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] audio-plugins - see about adding nice presets for the most popular ones: TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] investigate a good set of defaults for supercollider: TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] Define applications and settings to be installed for audio coding (subgroup of audio workflow): TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] Look at changing how jackd2 is packaged, make changes in Debian repo - recommendation is to not have jackd2 and jackdbus installed in paralell http://trac.jackaudio.org/wiki/SuggestedPackagingApproach: TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] Make jack applications report an error, if they need jack to be running when launched (some apps don't do this) - choices are 1. add code, and send upstream 2. make feature request upstream 3. add a wrapper script for those applications in packaging: TODO
[zequence] add pd plugins: DONE

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