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Because we care, we are special. We don't turn our back on anyone. Advanced/Power User or Newcomer to Linux or beginner, you are in both cases MORE than welcome to join us:


Everyone has been there. Everyone was a newcomer to Linux and had ZERO experience and skills for Linux. Everyone had to learn the hard way or the easy way. No one was born with Linux Abilities. Let's remember that. Let's keep that in mind.

Therefore, I'd suggest to have a project within our community (Ubuntu GNOME Team) to take care of those newcomers and beginners and take them under our wings. Why?

1- Because this is Linux Spirit
2- Because Ubuntu GNOME community is cool, friendly and very helpful
3- Because one day, those who you have been a mentor for them, they will be mentors for others and so on. Because one day, those who were newcomers, will became active contributors to the project because they can't ever forget someone who offered them a help and opened his arms to them and took them under his wings.

The Process is easy:

Ubuntu GNOME Newcomers and Beginners >> Will get help from Ubuntu GNOME Current Users >> Ubuntu GNOME users will get help from Ubuntu GNOME Official Members

Within month, we will have tons of active contributors :)

Resources that could help a newcomer: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME/HowTo
Yes, this page is empty but it can be filled soon ;)

The Email sent to the mailing list about this idea:

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[amjjawad] for this very moment, I shall put this suggestion/project/idea on HOLD. Hopefully, we can carry on with this for Trusty Tahr Cycle and if we couldn't, then we shall carry on with the next cycle. There is no much time nor enough human resources for this project and I don't want to do this alone. This must be a team work task :)


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- This project to be discussed next cycle : DONE

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