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This blueprint to discuss the improvement of the look and feel of Ubuntu GNOME Website. This project will be a mutual collaboration between The Artwork Team and Marketing & Communications Team.

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[Niels Vermaut] "As ideas go, I would like to keep the website as clean and simple as possible. I could add in fancy effects like Parallax Scrolling, but I don't see the added value for that. I also would advice against sliders, and just use a small animated header with Animate.css.

As far as Brand consistency goes, you guys need to fill me in :). I'm also always wanting to listen to new ideas!

Is there a need for a custom Wiki, or are we going to use the Ubuntu Main one? And is there a need for a knowledge base of some sort? Because I also could look into something like that!

The draft I made is available at"

[aldomann] Sorry Neils, I had a very basic mockup and our great Satyajit came up with this thing: http://cl.ly/image/031I1y2o1r0D/o
As you can see, it keeps simplicity as its main feature whilst showing a modern design.

We shall discuss what navigation links we need to include in the web (Blog, community, etc.) but this design should help.

[Niels Vermaut] "That design does look very well, and If I get the go signal from one of you guys, I could start working on it tomorrow. The only thing I would change is I would put the latest news article under the download button. Anyone having a problem with that, or having another suggestion, I'm all ears."

[aldomann] Let's wait for the Communications team folks to hear their opinions on the website structure.

[Niels Vermaut] "Okay, will hold my horses :). The only thing to consider is that now I have a lot of free time, execution could be done very quickly. However, this will change in July and August. Not that I won't have any time, but I won't achieve completion in one or two days then."

[jamesvorder] Are we still pursuing this? If so, we should really set up a shared folder of some sort to house our PSDs, create more detailed mock-ups of each page. I can help with this (even though I'm not part of the correct teams,) if we still want to pursue the redesign.


[Logical] Hi, I am new at this community, so don't get mad at any of my ideas :)

I suggest that we go for "fancy effects", like Niels said. We should make a website that differs from others.
If you watch websites like:

https://getfedora.org/ (seems like couple days ago fedora changed their website look)

All these websites are static, they are functional but not inviting (for me). I suggest that we add some effects simple parallax or some basic nice effects, but not fancy stuff sparkling and that. I will make some examples of what i mean.

Why we should do it this way?
-because it will make the visitor want to try out the distro
-it something new,
-it also gives the visitor the feeling that the community is keeping up, inviting


[aldomann] Fancy effects may be different, but not better. They only end up slowing down the website, specially parallax. We need a pretty, yet functional (parallax is anything but functional) design.

We already have a somehow final design (or definitely a design route, if you want); we are just discussing technical stuff before we start implementing it all.


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