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Registered by amjjawad  on 2013-12-05

Ubuntu GNOME QA/Testing Team needs to have a clear plan/vision (AKA Roadmap) for Trusty Tahr Cycle

This blueprint to discuss all the possible suggestions/ideas for a roadmap for this sub-team

- Set clear goals
- Set clear tasks
- Define the roles of each member
- Assign task for each member

And so on

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amjjawad 
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amjjawad  on 2014-01-02
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[amjjawad - Roadmap Proposal]

1- TO-DO for this cycle (Trusty Tahr): - this should be a on going task from now until releasing Ubuntu GNOME 14.04.

2- Recruit More Contributors if needed AND ask for 'more' activities from the current members. Those who are busy and can't help even with testing milestone releases, they 'must' inform the Ubuntu GNOME QA Team - send an email - and if this will going to take very long time, the member can leave the team and re-join whenever he/she feels he is ready for that - more information:

3- I need at least 'two' members to step in for the position of Ubuntu GNOME QA Administrators to handle these tasks:
a- cover my absence for whatever reason
b- recruit testers (this require a new blueprint for more details and explanation)
c- help to answers testing questions on the support channels (Mailing List, IRC, AskUbuntu and Ubuntu GNOME) + Social Media
d- Launchpad administration work: accept members, etc

In short, each sub-team needs a backup to cover the absence of the Team Leader of that team + to help him in order not to burn out. This eventually will help to develop a great healthy and friendly environment based on 'Team Work' which is our highest priority and forever target.

4- Discuss (in a meeting OR on the mailing list) all the above + other 'possible' suggestion as far as the time allows.

5- A MUST/TO-DO: Monthly Meetings to review and discuss everything related to Ubuntu GNOME QA/Testing for Trusty Tahr - I suggest a meeting before releasing each milestone. For example: a meeting before releasing Beta 1.

Note: I strongly and highly recommend a Google+ Hangout Session which can be also recorded so everyone can watch and learn more. Testing Ubuntu GNOME is a major and a huge important task.

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These are my suggestions for the roadmap of Ubuntu GNOME Artwork Team :)

+1 = Agree
0 = don't know/not sure/don't want to vote
-1 = Disagree

Feel Free to Edit the Whiteboard with any comment in mind :)

Thank you!

[manuelcua] +1 I agree, I have 1 hour a day to work with anything you need, I can also learn how to do Administrator Tasks

[frandieguez] +1 Agree, I can help with Launchpad and with general testing of the new released ISOs. I don't know if I can help with IRC and Social Media because I'm not always available due my work but I can help from time to time.

[amjjawad] I am so surprised that more than 40 members of Ubuntu GNOME QA and ONLY '2' members have voted so far? am I missing something?

[amjjawad] from Ubuntu GNOME QA Team, we need people to do Bug Triage:


Work Items

Work items:
(1) : DONE
(2-a) Call for help has been sent many times and posted on our Social Media Network : DONE
(2-b) Recruit more testers : DONE
(2 -c) Ask for more from the current members - : DONE
(3) At least 'two' members to step in for the position of Ubuntu GNOME QA Administrators for Launchpad : POSTPONED
(4) Meetings : POSTPONED
(5) Email sent to the team - - to make sure everyone is informed about the other requirement for this cycle (bug triage) : DONE

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