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3.16 for Wily (15.10)

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*GNOME 3.16*
  - Remaing core (gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-control-center, (DONE),
     g-o-a bug 1466290 for XX series now
  - nautilus, is WIP by ubuntu-desktop team
  - gedit, still needs UI patches for unity
  - gnome-control-center, needs patches to support language pack installation
  - Bluez5 transition (DONE)
  - Feature Freeze is August 20th so most of the above needs to happen by then.
  - New GNOME apps

*General Packaging work*
  - Package up the new artwork assets for artwork team, preferably before UI Freeze September 10th (Done)
  - Finalise details of default apps for wily and update seeds. (Done)
  - split gnome-getting-started guides and seed on the Live Images (DONE)

*automated image testing*
  - A community based effort has been started to get the ubiquity autopilot tests running again on the daily images
- Need to make sure any Ubuntu-GNOME specific issues are fixed
  - However there is extra work in generally fixing autopilot needed if people are interested in contributing to this.

*gnome-software preview*
  - It would be good to have a preview of this in 15.10 with a possible view to switching in 16.04
  - Requires DEP-11 metadata, the Kubuntu team are working on this. Which should be available this cycle
  - Requires Packagekit 1.0, bug 1470655, may not happen this cycle
  - Requires switching to PackageKit aptcc backend instead of aptdaemon. That may affect ubuntu-software-center
  - aptcc needs to grow support for what-provides locale()
  - Could potentially be staged on a ppa, later in the cycle.

*GNOME 3.18*
  - As usual this will be available on gnome3-staging PPA later in the cycle
  - So far a bunch of the core bits are available now. Most of the apps etc, will follow well after we pass feature freeze

*Packaging infrastructure work*
  - These are all wishlist items, most of the them have been on the cards for quite a while, but for the most part no existing members have had
time to work on them. Would mostly require python and very little packaging knowledge.
  - Autopkgtests for uploads to the gnome3-team PPA's (This could potentially be integrated with the community image testing project for all
flavours to take advantage off)
  - git packaging branches for gnome3-team PPA, There are a bunch of scripts already done for this, but requires some tweaks and the actual
migration to happen.
  - Jenkins CI testing for the above git branches
  - Using live-build to generate daily images based from wily/gnome3-staging PPA
  - autopilot smoketest to make sure gnome-shell started successfully (this would be hosted on ubuntu jenkins instance)


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