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Since the very first day of showing our new logo we've had issues about its implementation. The GNOME Broad don't allow to use the roundel (i.e., the circle with the GNOME foot) by its own (e.g., as we use it in our Social Media profile pictures) as it misleads to think that it is maintained by GNOME.

The way to fix this is using a modification of the GNOME foot. To show what I'm talking about, have a look at [1] and [2], you can see how the Xubuntu logo appeals to XFCE's one and yet it's different.

[1] http://extr3metech.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/logo.png%3Fw%3D614
[2] http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-eug8SPqif88/UFIFbt6K8lI/AAAAAAAABUU/P7MQuf4oKNQ/s72-c/xubuntu_logo1.png

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[amjjawad] Okay, so this is an extra needed headache. Can't we use the old Logo with Ubuntu Logo and 'Ubuntu GNOME' as a text? or we do need to create new one from scratch? did you guys inform everyone on Ubuntu GNOME team? if not yet, we need to keep everyone updated :)

[aldomann] Actually, if we use the new logo (the current one) all together, that is not only the roundel, everything should look fine. But I don't know if that's the best decision for our social profiles. Let me do a quick mockup and I'll post it here.

[aldomann] So, there's four options (two actually):
     1. We modify our logo (the hard one).
     2. We use this: http://cl.ly/image/17190H3p1Z43
     3. We use this: http://cl.ly/image/0k1P0T1Y2P19
     4. We use this: http://cl.ly/image/2P2j0A1u310L
I personally like No. 4, as it doesn't look odd (2 and 3 look weird and very non-symmetrical) and actually is the same way Ubuntu show their branding on social media pages.

[amjjawad] [RE: aldomann] I do like all the new designs you made but indeed, #4 is similar to what Lubuntu, Ubuntu and I guess all the other flavours have as a Logo (Name of the Flavour + the icon that represents the system) so I guess #4 is our best choice (again, I liked them all). However, I am confused. You stated:

"Since the very first day of showing our new logo we've had issues about its implementation. The GNOME Broad don't allow to use the roundel (i.e., the circle with the GNOME foot) by its own (e.g., as we use it in our Social Media profile pictures) as it misleads to think that it is maintained by GNOME."

Does it mean the one and only problem is using the 'foot' of 'GNOME' without any other addition? does it mean if we add 'Ubuntu GNOME' to the foot, that would be acceptable?

Also, please note if the logo will be changed, we need to update everything: Slide Show, The logo inside the system (Ubuntu GNOME), the logo at the Login Screen (GDM), etc. Changing that on our Social Media Channels are the least headache :P that is super easy ;)

[aldomann] Yep, that'd be all as far as I'm concerned, the roundel can't be shown without "Ubuntu GNOME" by its side. I think that the only things that should be changed are the social media profile pictures, as all other implementations are very specific and all are in the context of Ubuntu GNOME itself.

The reason why the social media pictures are so important is that when you first come across them on your feed or something, it seems that we are sponsored by GNOME or something similar, and it misleads the users to think who is behind the project. You know, branding guidelines stuff.

If you wish I can send you the images (as seen in No. 4) optimised for Google+, Facebook and Twitter as well.

[amjjawad] Okay, I am still confused. Do you mean GNOME Board will approve that and everything is okay now? what about Canonical? we don't want to keep changing Logos if you know what I mean?!
Can we double check with both GNOME and Canonical to make sure we're on the right track? only after that, we can change our Social Networks - no rush with that :) I can change that in seconds but we need to make sure that no one will come and say : "Please, change your Logo" :)
Thank you!

[aldomann] Actually this is not a logo change, just being more careful about how we use it.

    On 16.10.2013 15:48, Alfredo Hernández wrote:
    > Tobias, if we add the whole logo (i.e., both the roundel and the text)
    > everything is fine?
    Yeah, I that might work better.
    I hope you understand that using the very GNOME logo for something that
    is not GNOME is problematic. I also hope that we'll work something out
    that is satistifying for all of us.


As you can see, using the GNOME foot is kind of problematic, but if we use our logo wisely, there's no problem. (BTW, Tobias Mueller is a member of the GNOME Board).

At the end, I think we should change our social logos ASAP and we might update our logo on the future (as planned) to have all freedoms we need to use the logo in any way we desire to.

PS. About Canonical, their guidelines are very clear and simple. The only problem here is the very GNOME foot piece of our current logo.

So, what do you think?

[amjjawad] Needless to say :D I am waiting for the files :D GO GO GO :D
But, aren't we have to ask for other's opinion???

[aldomann] Yeah, maybe, but this is the only solution by now. When we redesign the logo everyone will get involved in giving feedback :)

The files: http://cl.ly/330q410u1p39

[amjjawad] I thought that is all for now and then? but it seems we need to, yet again re-design and change the logo? :(

Anyway, Social Media Channels updated ;)
Thank you!
[Inoki] Hi Gets! The logo has been redesigned. We've been actively discussing details privately and perhaps it'll be time to unveil it shortly.


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Work items:
1- Redesign the roundel: DONE
2- Use users' feedback to make it perfect: DONE
3- Inform the GNOME Board that we are not infringing their conditions once we implement it: DONE
4- Await for final approval from the GNOME Licensing Board: DONE
4- amjjawad to change the Profile Picture for the Social Media Channels : DONE

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