Communications Team Roadmap for Trusty

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Ubuntu GNOME Communications Team needs to have a clear plan/vision (AKA Roadmap) for Trusty Tahr Cycle

This blueprint to discuss all the possible suggestions/ideas for a roadmap for this sub-team

- Set clear goals
- Set clear tasks
- Define the roles of each member
- Assign task for each member

And so on

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[amjjawad - Roadmap Proposal]

1- TO-DO for this cycle (Trusty Tahr):
a- - carry on with reports

b - keep our Social Media Channels as active as possible: which will eventually lead to more growth hopefully in both quality and quantity

c- make sure the internal communication is maintained to the highest level as it is very important for Ubuntu GNOME Team (all the sub-teams) to communicate with each other and remain motivated and work as a team. All that can be achieved with a healthy communications between everyone, mainly on the mailing lists.

2- We need to Recruit More Contributors.

3- I need at least 'two' members to step in for the position of Ubuntu GNOME Communications Administrators to handle these tasks:
a- cover my absence for whatever reason.
b- recruit more contributors.
c- continue to work on the Wiki Area and maintain it.
d- Launchpad administration work: accept members, etc.
e- Social Media Administrators

In short, each sub-team needs a backup to cover the absence of the Team Leader of that team + to help him in order not to burn out. This eventually will help to develop a great healthy and friendly environment based on 'Team Work' which is our highest priority and forever target.

4- Social Media Moderators: we need 2-4 for each channel (Facebook and Google+)

5- Discuss (in a meeting OR on the mailing list) all the above + other 'possible' suggestion as far as the time allows.

Note: I strongly and highly recommend a Google+ Hangout Session which can be also recorded so everyone can watch and learn more.

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These are my suggestions for the roadmap of Ubuntu GNOME Documentation Team :)

+1 = Agree
0 = don't know/not sure/don't want to vote
-1 = Disagree

Feel Free to Edit the Whiteboard with any comment in mind :)

Thank you!

[Frédéric Lagneau] +1 Ok, I would agree.


Work Items

Work items:
(1-a) Carry on with Marketing & Communications Monthly Reports : DONE
(1-b) Keep our Social Media Channels as active as possible - : DONE
(1-c) Healthy Internal Communications : DONE
(2) We need to Recruit More Contributors : POSTPONED
(3) Launchpad Administrators for Ubuntu GNOME Marketing & Communications Team : POSTPONED
(4-a) Social Media Moderators : DONE
(4-b) Complete - : DONE
(5) Publish Weekly Report about Ubuntu GNOME Sub-Teams on all our channels - : DONE
(6) To follow up with this blueprint with the team in order to finish it and mark it as 'implemented' - email sent - : DONE

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