Binary package “samba” in ubuntu jammy

SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix

 Samba is an implementation of the SMB/CIFS protocol for Unix systems,
 providing support for cross-platform file and printer sharing with
 Microsoft Windows, OS X, and other Unix systems. Samba can also function
 as an NT4-style domain controller, and can integrate with both NT4 domains
 and Active Directory realms as a member server.
 This package provides the components necessary to use Samba as a stand-alone
 file and print server or as an NT4 or Active Directory domain controller.
 For use in an NT4 domain or Active Directory realm, you will also need the
 winbind package.
 This package is not required for connecting to existing SMB/CIFS servers
 (see smbclient) or for mounting remote filesystems (see cifs-utils).

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