zfs-linux source package in Groovy

libnvpair1linux: No summary available for libnvpair1linux in ubuntu groovy.
libnvpair1linux-dbgsym: debug symbols for libnvpair1linux
libuutil1linux: Solaris userland utility library for Linux
libuutil1linux-dbgsym: debug symbols for libuutil1linux
libzfs2linux: OpenZFS filesystem library for Linux
libzfs2linux-dbgsym: No summary available for libzfs2linux-dbgsym in ubuntu groovy.
libzfslinux-dev: OpenZFS filesystem development files for Linux
libzpool2linux: OpenZFS pool library for Linux
libzpool2linux-dbgsym: No summary available for libzpool2linux-dbgsym in ubuntu groovy.
python3-pyzfs: No summary available for python3-pyzfs in ubuntu groovy.
pyzfs-doc: wrapper for libzfs_core C library (documentation)
spl: Solaris Porting Layer user-space utilities for Linux (dummy)
spl-dkms: Solaris Porting Layer kernel modules for Linux (dummy)
zfs-dkms: No summary available for zfs-dkms in ubuntu groovy.
zfs-dracut: OpenZFS root filesystem capabilities for Linux - dracut
zfs-initramfs: No summary available for zfs-initramfs in ubuntu groovy.
zfs-test: No summary available for zfs-test in ubuntu groovy.
zfs-test-dbgsym: debug symbols for zfs-test
zfs-zed: No summary available for zfs-zed in ubuntu groovy.
zfs-zed-dbgsym: debug symbols for zfs-zed
zfsutils-linux: command-line tools to manage OpenZFS filesystems
zfsutils-linux-dbgsym: No summary available for zfsutils-linux-dbgsym in ubuntu groovy.

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Native ZFS for Linuxtrunk

These kernel modules provide zpool version 28 and zfs version 5, which are compatible with Solaris 10, OpenSolaris snv_134, OpenIndiana oi_144, and FreeBSD 8.2 filesystems. The latest Solaris 11 filesystem revisions are currently incompatible.

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Bug tracker: yes
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