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Website projects during the Xubuntu 15.10 cycle.

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Xubuntu Website
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Ongoing projects:
– Be in touch with external website editors to update information about Xubuntu
  – Distrowatch: email sent 2015-06-13 - DONE
  – Ubuntu Italy: http://www.ubuntu-it.org/download/derivate - DONE
– Create new content for the "FAQ" section:
  – Settings: Most common settings that people want to change and some words on defaults
  – Xubuntu in virtualized environments (see bug #1299286)

Potential improvements for the website:
– Fix footer navigation to work with all column counts (r73)
– Lightbox(-like) image viewing for galleries
– Featured blog articles on the front page?
  – Use featured images?

Xubuntu-related websites:

CD/DVD/USB resellers:
– Be in touch with the resellers and ask them to not sell EOL products (they can empty their current stock if any)
– If they do CD/cover labels, cooperate with them to use new and team-approved branding (artwork team can help create a template)

Improvements for the status tracker:
– Pull data about latest uploads to
  a) the Xubuntu packageset
  b) the Xubuntu staging PPA
– Data from the QA trackers via XML-RPC
  – Method to get active milestones per series per product?


Work Items

Work items:
[knome] Plan a "Developer area" for the Xubuntu website: DONE
[knome] Start the progress to set SSL up for xubuntu.org: DONE
[knome] Update the "Get Involved" section: DONE
[knome] Look to add more artwork to the website: DONE
[knome] Set up a Xubuntu status tracker: DONE
[knome] History/burndown for status tracker: DONE
[knome] Investigate pulling data from the QA tracker XML-RPC to the status tracker: DONE
[knome] Pull data from the QA tracker XML-RPC to the status tracker: POSTPONED
[lderan] Improve the QA tracker XML-RPC methods and interface documentation: POSTPONED
[knome] Create a timeline of finished work items in the status tracker: DONE
[knome] Set up email reminders for open work items: DONE
[xubuntu-website] Community funded hosting for the status tracker: POSTPONED

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