Xubuntu 15.04: New features

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New features for Xubuntu 15.04:

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  * Maintain better communication of in-house development (Xubuntu, Xfce, and other apps that we contribute to or maintain) with QA and TEAM.
  * Daily builds of xubuntu-artwork, xubuntu-default-settings, and xubuntu-docs to be added to xubuntu-staging PPA
  * Copy shimmer-themes package from daily ppa to xubuntu-staging for milestone testing
  * Upload packages carried in xubuntu-extras PPA to Debian

  * Transition to upower 0.99.1 will happen early in the cycle. (DONE)
  * Transition to systemd is expected in the first half of the cycle. (DONE)
  * GTK update to 3.14 this cycle. (DONE)
    * https://trello.com/b/elD1dILl/xubuntu-vivid-gtk3-14
    * Check that all our gnome components are still functional without the gnome shell
    * Note: Ubuntu-desktop folks said they would keep up the GtkHeaderbar patching in e.g. Evince.
    * Related: simple-scan is also shipped in Ubuntu, but the GtkHeaderbars have not been patched out
  * Bluez5 transition might happen (WIP: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-v-bluez5)
  * Since we're pushing core now, need to find a way to fix upgrades.

Investigate whether we can jump to gstreamer1.0 and python3.
  * xfburn is using gst0.10, gst1.0 in git master
  * pidgin is using gst0.10, should have gst1.0 for pidgin 3.0 - https://developer.pidgin.im/ticket/15299, LP: #1295207 - patch backported for 2.x
  * gmusicbrowser gst1.0 in latest release/xubuntu-staging

Systemd blueprints:

Panel Switch (proposed new feature) Launchpad project:

Development is planned for Catfish, Lightdm Gtk Greeter (and Settings), Light Locker (and Settings), Menulibre, Parole, Xfce Power Manager, and Xfce Settings. Roadmaps for each can be found at:

While evaluating our dependence on GNOME components within Xubuntu, we also need to look at dependencies we don't have control over. If a major shift happens, how will we be able to react? We already had the X/Mir matter that was dealt with during the 13.10 cycle. With the GNOME flavor landing things late and not playing nice socially, any risk their actions create for Xubuntu needs to be minimized.


Work Items

Work items:
[bluesabre] Upload lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings to Ubuntu, add to seed: DONE
[xubuntu-dev] Provide patches as needed to support latest uploaded Gtk version: DONE
[xubuntu-dev] Restore default (non-pink) highlights: DONE
[xubuntu-dev] Install evince-gtk instead of evince (built without gnome libraries): DONE
[xubuntu-dev] Provide patches as needed to support upower 0.99 transition: DONE
[bluesabre] Update lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings for lightdm-gtk-greeter 2.0: DONE
[bluesabre] Update Catfish and Mugshot authentication to use PolicyKit: POSTPONED
[bluesabre] Add support for light-locker's settings in xfce4-power-manager: DONE
[unit193] Drop light-locker-settings from seed: DONE
[ochosi] Patch xdg-screensaver to support light-locker: DONE
[bluesabre] Create a UI for the panel-switch application: DONE
[bluesabre] Add xfpanel-switch to the seed: POSTPONED
[xubuntu-dev] Investigate reducing dependency on GNOME components: DONE
[xubuntu-dev] Review shared components (GNOME-based or otherwise) to drop/modify/add on a trial basis during 15.04 to evaluate dependency on things we don't have control over: DONE
[xubuntu-dev] Evaluate the 14.10 decisions relative to default IRC client and decide action(s) for 15.04 release (stay as is): DONE
[noskcaj] Evaluate exactly what changes we need for bluez5: DONE

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