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The plans for the Xubuntu 15.04 cycle for the Documentation team.

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Xubuntu Documentation
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Pad for Debian screenshots work:

Pad for the slideshow update work:

Artwork for docs:
– Theming aspects: create an artwork that presents the different theming aspects (window decoration, GTK theme, icon theme) visually

There are two options to convert DocBook to PDF (easily enough to be automatized):
– FOP: xsltproc --xinclude /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/docbook-xsl/fo/docbook.xsl input.xml > output.fo && fop -fo output.fo -pdf output.pdf
– dblatex: dblatex -o output.pdf input.xml
– Both need additional dependencies (FOP: Java something, dblatex: TeX something)
– Both produce very plain output PDF by default and have problems showing the images and tables correctly
Ultimately, since the output is so bare and the conversion brings us problems, I don't think it's worth it to have a PDF export of the documentation at this point.

Translator notes, which are visible in the Launchpad translation and Poedit (when turned on) can be added to both the documentation and the installer slideshow by adding an HTML comment inline, eg.
<para><!-- This is a comment for translators -->String to translate</para>


Work Items

Work items:
[slickymaster] Work on updating Debian screenshots for Xfce/important packages: DONE
[jjfrv8] Update upstream power manager docs: DONE
[jjfrv8] Update upstream xfce4-settings docs: DONE
[slickymaster] Run calls for package translations defined in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Processes/Documentation: DONE
[elfy] Review/-write documentation section about upgrading: DONE
[xubuntu-doc] Update the installer slideshow content: DONE
[knome] Bump the version numbers in documentation to 15.04: DONE
[knome] Update installer slideshow artwork: DONE
[knome] Artwork for docs, theming aspects: POSTPONED
[knome] Add responsive design for the documentation: DONE
[knome] Add responsive design for the about page: DONE
[knome] Add responsive design for the online documentation frontpage: DONE
[knome] Briefly investigate possibilities to export DocBook to other formats: DONE
[sidi] Rewrite the security guide in the documentation: DONE
[knome] Convert the security guide to DocBook in the documentation: DONE
[unit193] Update the internet-networks chapter: DONE
[slickymaster] Review and correct malformed and translated Docbook tags in the po files of the main branch: DONE
[knome] Find out how to leave "translator notes" in DocBook: DONE

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