Xubuntu 14.04: Quality assurance

Registered by Pasi Lallinaho

Quality assurance projects for 14.04:
* Write testcases for new features
* Review and rework post-installation tests
* (Keep testing)


Ongoing efforts include:
* Image testing
* Package testing
* Using the Xubuntu website, social media and mailing lists for more publicity

links to trusty cycle bugs fyi - http://bit.ly/18bwkqM http://bit.ly/18o24DO


Work Items

Work items:
[elfy] Review and rework post-installation tests: DONE
[elfy] Write new power testcase: DONE
[elfy] Speak to Dan Chapman about automated testing: DONE
[lderan] Review the current situation with automated package testing: DONE
[xubuntu-qa] Set up a list of applications we want to look at for automated package testing: POSTPONED
[elfy] Review the current situation with automated ISO testing: DONE
[elfy] Contact the team about their preferences on testing schedules: DONE
[elfy] Set up a schedule for cadence weeks: DONE
[elfy] List subjects for QA articles that we want to publish on Xubuntu.org: DONE
[elfy] Write QA article for publishing on Xubuntu.org: DONE
[elfy] QA article on the importance of reporting tests: DONE
[knome] Follow up with elfy on the QA articles for Xubuntu.org: DONE
[xubuntu-website] Run social media campaigning for QA during beta/RC milestones: DONE
[elfy] Send a mail to the -devel ML to survey how we did with QA and how we can improve: DONE
[elfy] Use -testers Contact Team for testing calls: DONE
[elfy] Call for exploratory testing (in addition to scheduled cadence testing): POSTPONED
[xubuntu-team] Discuss the need for Quality Assurance: DONE

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