Xubuntu 14.04: New features

Registered by Pasi Lallinaho

New features for Xubuntu 14.04:
* GTK3 indicators
* Upload xfdesktop 4.11 release
* Add light-locker to the seed (to replace xscreensaver)
* Add MenuLibre to the seed (to replace Alacarte)
* Add Mugshot to the seed
* Patch Xfce4 power manager to work with systemd (or alternative)
* Create a new installable metapackage xubuntu-core


Changes/conflicts for 12.04->14.04 upgrade:
* remove xscreensaver
* update lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf

Packages that we need to upload:
* xfce4-panel (4.11.0) DONE
* xfce4-indicator-plugin (2.3.0) DONE
* libxfce4ui (?) DONE
* xfwm4 (with depends, 4.11.1 or later) DONE
* xfdesktop (4.11.3) DONE
* gmusicbrowser (1.1.12) DONE
* light-locker (1.2.0) DONE
* menulibre (2.0.1) DONE
* mugshot (0.2) DONE
* garcon (git-snapshot) DONE
* lightdm-gtk-greeter (1.8.1) DONE
* light-locker-settings (1.0) DONE
* xubuntu-community-artwork (14.04.0) DONE

* light-locker-settings DONE
* More GTK3 indicators (-power, -messages, -sound, -application) DONE
* light-locker DONE
* Mugshot DONE
* MenuLibre DONE
* xubuntu-community-artwork DONE
* xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin DONE
* xubuntu-core POSTPONED
* REMOVE gthumb DONE
* REMOVE xscreensaver DONE
* REMOVE GTK2 indicators DONE
* UPDATE xubuntu-meta (xubuntu-desktop package) DONE


Work Items

Work items:
[mrpouit] Package GTK3 indicators: DONE
[ochosi] Patch indicator-power to open xfce4-powermanager-settings in the Xubuntu/Xfce session: DONE
[noskcaj] Patch xfce4-powermanager to work with systemd: DONE
[xubuntu-qa] Test Noskcaj's patches for xfce4-powermanager: DONE
[bregma] Upload light-locker: DONE
[lderan] Create a GUI for light-locker settings: DONE
[unit193] Create specification for the xubuntu-core metapackage: DONE
[xubuntu-dev] Execute changes in seed (see whiteboard): DONE
[xubuntu-dev] Make sure all packages are uploaded (see whiteboard): DONE
[ochosi] Refresh xubuntu_set-accountsservice-user-bg.patch to work with Xfdesktop4.11: DONE

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