Xubuntu 14.04: Documentation

Registered by Pasi Lallinaho

Documentation projects for 14.04:
* Write documentation for new features
* (Extend developer documentation)
* (Extend documentation)
* (Cooperate with the Ubuntu Documentation Project)


Developer documentation:
* Write some short articles on technical issues
* Subjects: Bzr, Docbook, signing Code of Conduct
* Where do we want this extended information to go?

End-user documentation:
* Different perspectives for the Tour page and the installer slideshow: former tries to "sell" the system, latter should advertise specific features
* Find out from knome/ochosi what's blocking GTK3 Indicators and light-locker
  * GTK3 not packaged yet
  * Get status of Mugshot and MenuLibre from bluesabre
* Re-use sections from Ubuntu Manual
  * "Network Manager" from page 40 useful?
  * "Setting up Thunderbird" page 56?

Translations for end-user documentation:
* Use 80% as cut-off percentage
   * We need to make sure our script queries the *whole* translation, not only a single section at a time
* List all of the translated versions in the startpage

Make sure all packages get new releases with updated translations after NonLanguagePackTranslationDeadline.


Work Items

Work items:
[ochosi] Check whether docs.xfce already holds info on xfdesktop4.11: DONE
[jjfrv8] Gain ~ubuntu-core-doc membership: DONE
[skellat] Gain ~ubuntu-core-doc membership: POSTPONED
[xubuntu-doc] Look at Ubuntu Manual for reusable material: POSTPONED
[xubuntu-doc] Investigate how to attribute translators (.1): POSTPONED
[xubuntu-team] Discuss ideas for format of "What's New" page: DONE
[knome] Find out how to ship translated documentation: DONE
[unit193] Prepare packages for shipping translated documentation: DONE
[jjfrv8] Find out what kind of developer documentation is needed: DONE
[knome] Find out what kind of development documentation is needed: DONE
[knome] Run a call for contributors for the Tour page on the website: DONE
[slickymaster] Write documentation for Mugshot: DONE
[jjfrv8] Write documentation for MenuLibre: DONE
[slickymaster] Update documentation for xfdesktop 4.11: DONE
[jjfrv8] Update documentation for new panel layout: DONE
[xubuntu-doc] Write developer documentation: POSTPONED
[knome] Update the installer slideshow looks: DONE
[xubuntu-doc] Update the installer slideshow: DONE
[knome] Update the documentation start page: DONE
[knome] Call for translators for the documentation: DONE
[knome] Update the About page: DONE
[xubuntu-doc] Update the Tour page: DONE

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