Xubuntu 18.04: Development

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Development work items for Xubuntu 18.04.


Xubuntu Core (Base):
- URL: https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/livecd-rootfs/xubuntu-base
- URL: https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/debian-cd/xubuntu-base
- URL: https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/ubuntu-cdimage/xubuntu-base
- Branches have been refreshed but could use another reviewer and testing. Since we're up to date on this, let's get this out the door first thing for bionic+1

- URL: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-desktop/2016-February/004785.html
- Mostly upstream icon related issues. Icons need to be provided by the package or in the humanity icon theme. They must also be a minimum of 64px.
- Many of the required changes are being picked up in each component. Considered complete from our perspective.

Pidgin theme:
- URL: https://github.com/shimmerproject/pidgin-elementary
- Pidgin will require patching to support installing this theme globally

GTK Theme Config
- No longer possible to work universally with all GTK+ 3 themes
- Removed from Debian and Bionic. It may return in a later release, but limited to a select few themes.

- URL: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oAkWhSp-Lpo-g1Vv91APlmr5L_erfarN_45CSxyxrxc/edit#gid=0
- All additional fonts installed on Xubuntu provide additional language support and should not be removed without a much larger discussion.

Thunar Custom Actions:
- URL: https://code.launchpad.net/~ochosi/xubuntu-default-settings/thunar-uca-print


Work Items

Work items:
[bluesabre] menulibre: Resolve invalid launchers highlighted by menulibre 2.1.5: DONE
[xubuntu-dev] thunar: Provide more default custom actions (printing): DONE
[xubuntu-dev] xfce*: Review and update appstream metadata for GUI applications: DONE
[xubuntu-dev] xubuntu-meta: Review and trim excess fonts: DONE
[xubuntu-dev] atril: Work with Ubuntu MATE team on packaging improvements: DONE
[bluesabre] engrampa: Work with Ubuntu MATE team on packaging improvements: DONE
[xubuntu-dev] Review Xfce 4.14 components for inclusion: DONE
[xubuntu-dev] xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin: Replace indicator-sound: DONE
[xubuntu-dev] xfce4-statusnotifier-plugin: Replace indicator-application: DONE
[xubuntu-dev] xubuntu-meta: Investigate switching from GNOME to MATE components: DONE
[bluesabre] xubuntu-meta: Transition GNOME components to MATE components: DONE
[ochosi] xubuntu-default-settings: Revert to "normal" alt-tab mode in xfwm4: DONE
[xubuntu-dev] pidgin-elementary: Provide patches for Pidgin theme support: POSTPONED
[xubuntu-dev] pidgin-elementary: Package theme and set as default: POSTPONED
[xubuntu-dev] parole: New PackageKit plugin installer: POSTPONED
[xubuntu-dev] gtk-theme-config: Patch for better support with recent themes: POSTPONED
[bluesabre] xubuntu-core: Refresh debian-cd patches: POSTPONED
[bluesabre] xubuntu-core: Refresh livecd-rootfs patches: POSTPONED
[bluesabre] xubuntu-core: Refresh ubuntu-cdimage patches: POSTPONED
[ubuntu-cdimage] xubuntu-core: Review and merge patches: POSTPONED
[xubuntu-dev] elementary-xfce: Split packaging for distribution improvements: POSTPONED

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