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Input hotplug allows hotplugging of input devices, and also adds enhanced support for touchscreens and tablets, through either HAL or D-Bus. This is now the standard mechanism supported by upstream for handling input devices.

This was considered for Hardy but postponed due to a) various unexpected problems cropping up, b) HAL configuration complexity, and c) lack of config/admin tools, which we weren't confident could all be addressed sufficiently for an LTS release.

For Intrepid we wish to integrate input-hotplug and use it by default if at all possible. This will include investigating/solving critical issues, documenting basic configuration steps, incorporation or development of command line config tools, prototyping of GUI config tools, and thorough testing.

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Colin Watson
Bryce Harrington
Bryce Harrington
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Proposed for intrepid
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2008-05-27 bryce: Discussed at UDS and plan was agreed on. We'll switch over to input-hotplug configurations early in development so we can maximize the number of testers. Turning it off later (like we did in Hardy) is straightforward so we can do that later if there are problems. Fedora 9 shipped it for everything except keyboards; we'll start by turning it on for everything including keyboards, and may decide to turn off keyboards if there are still too many problems. The timeframe for this change will be within a few weeks, probably around the time we merge xserver 1.5 (which is pending on the upcoming mesa 7.1 release currently).

2008-08-21 bryce: The code changes are all implemented and have been tested. There is still some documentation to finalize, but this can be squared away after FF.


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