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The bug triaging community uses a variety of tools and processes to facilitate the triage of bug reports. During the Natty cycle tools used by the community - includingi wiki documentation, apport, Launchpad greasemonkey scripts and Launchpad itself will be updated to make bug triaging easier. The process of joining the Ubuntu Bug Control team will modified slightly to more clearly define what is being looked for and recognition of those joining the team will be made. The current mentorship program for bug triaging is struggling somewhat so a trial of creating a team of mentors and mentees will be made to see if that improves the program. The Ubuntu hall of fame will also be utilized to recognize the work of those performing bug triage and specific activities within triaging.

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Marjo F. Mercado
Brian Murray
Brian Murray
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Accepted for natty
Good progress
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milestone icon ubuntu-11.04
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Marjo F. Mercado

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* Mentorship program:
   * Improvements to the mentorship program to avoid long delay before a student being affected to a mentor,
   * Short response time and interactivity with the students during mentoring to keep them motivated.
   * Have group of 2 to 3 mentors working with a small group of students instead of having a 1-1 relation between student and mentor
   * IRC as a requirement to subscribe to the program.

* The Launchpad database actually has nothing more informative in it. The karma table keeps track of the project / distribution / package where the karma was accrued but not information about specific bugs.

Work items for natty-alpha-1:
[brian-murray] Update standard responses in greasemonkey scripts: DONE
[brian-murray] Update convert to question response to say "you might also want to try askubuntu.com": DONE
[brian-murray] Complete and release lp_more_bug_links.js: DONE
[brian-murray] get apport to stop subscribing ubuntu-bugcontrol to bugs with lots of duplicates: DONE
[pvillavi] to design a student-mentor report template: DONE
[pvillavi] document the requirements for joining ubuntu-bugcontrol better - further solidify what we are asking for - 5 bugs that are representative of your very best work: DONE

Work items for natty-alpha-2:
[brian-murray] update w.u.c/UbuntuBugControl with links to the best applications we have received: DONE
[brian-murray] Update h.u.c/ReportingBugs with askubuntu / answers.lp.net information for other types of issues: DONE
[brian-murray] Add support information to bug reporting guidelines: DONE
[brian-murray] With ubuntu-bugcontrol document criteria for determining if a bug should be converted to a question: DONE
[hggdh2] create an email template for announcing a new bugcontrol member to the ubuntu-bugsquad mailing list - look at developer announcement emails for ideas: DONE
[sense] create a bugsquad-mentor-team-alpha in launchpad with a mailing list, have 2 to 3 members join the team and add mentees to that. Members - brian-murray, hggdh, vish, sense with 8 students: DONE
[charlie-tca] create bugsquad-mentor-teamA icon / artwork: DONE

Work items for natty-alpha-3:
[brian-murray] Provide hall-of-fame back-end data for bug activities (bug watch adders, ...): DONE

Work items for ubuntu-11.04-beta-1:
[brian-murray] investigate making +karma in Launchpad more informative: DONE
[brian-murray] investigate in Launchpad restricting the transition of a bug's status from Triaged so only the bug supervisor can do it: DONE

Work items for natty:
[brian-murray] Report back regarding the success / failure of the mentorship team: TODO
[brian-murray] Dashboard prototype creation: DONE
[brian-murray] Backend queries for the dashboard widgets: DONE
[pvillavi] Coordinate with the Beginners Team Bug Focus Group; work with duanedesign: DONE
[pvillavi] improve communication regarding changes to bug triaging policies and success stories: DONE


Work Items