Ubuntu LoCo Council Items for the Natty cycle

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Ubuntu LoCo Council work Items for the Natty cycle, this will break down into areas we need to look at over the coming cycle. Action items for members of the LoCo Council team members to take on board and follow up on.

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Jono Bacon
Laura Czajkowski
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Laura Czajkowski
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Proposed for natty
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Natty cycle focus:
 * Community leaders to sign the Leadership Code of Conduct (http://www.ubuntu.com/community/leadership-conduct) - and make it possible to sign it in Launchpad
 * Target Reapprovals this cycle will now come from the LoCo Directory instead of wiki pages.
 * Move content from the wiki to the LoCo Directory.
 * Standard team reapproval form - will be looking at the existing template and emphasize on team reports - planned to be in the LoCo Directory, but there is no commitment in terms of ETA from the LoCo Directory hackers (it will depend on how much time they have)
  * https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingApproved
  * Standards for teams, a set of guidelines: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Standards
  * Update the standard Application to include Team reports and give more details:

Come up with some standard team operations and list them on the wiki paghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Standards:
  * Enforce the team naming as it's a massive issue when trying to work out which team is which:
  * Signing the LCoC via Launchpad

Work items:
[czajkowski] Investigate how to get the LCoC signable in Launchpad: INPROGRESS
[[czajkowski] Update the Team Report Page: INPROGRESS
[czajkowski] Collect 3 to 5 existing team applications to show as an example to new teams: INPROGRESS
[ubuntu-irc-council] Update IRC names of teams: TODO
[czajkowski] Organize a Global Event for Wiki Cleanup: TODO
[[czajkowski] Normal Team Re-Approvals based on the LoCo Directory, and Standard Approvals: TODO
[itnet7] Create an Appeals process, to prevent team breakdowns: TODO
[jono] to blog about loco council governance, and how to go to the LC for help: TODO
[itnet7] Draft Document to notify teams of impending Logging: INPROGRESS
[ubuntu-irc-council] All LoCo Teams Logged: TODO


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