BOF to discuss metrics for release and project management and the hooks that could be added to support them

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Getting an overview of a release, (or any of the large subcomponents or projects) right now tends to be either manual or require scripting on top of the existing launchpad API which can be inefficient and slow when large numbers of bugs are involved. The web based search capabilities on the bug data base could assist with better support for logic queries (and/or/not) and date range selection. This session is to brainstorm, what is possible to be easily added to launchpad to support better real time ad-hoc queries and batch processing to provide status.

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Data rich, but we're not able to mine project databases efficiently

Selection Needs
 * Getting launchpad data using date restrictions and ranges (needed for trend analysis)
  * searchTasks additional date range parameters - currently modified_since and created_since are available
 * Apply logical operations on multiple fields to pull out data (and/or/not)
 * investigate improving searching so we don't need manual milestone tracking? later/next release/... (persia's comments).

Input Needs
 * assignment to future series, bugs/tracks.
 * Work items and the whiteboard 'hack': Tracking work items in a better way
    * jml: trend to combine blueprints into bugs, one interfaces, set of tagging, searches, etc. - UDS is only use case for having summit around writing SPECs.
    * jml: launchpad focus: collaborating around making software in distributed fashio

Display Needs
 * Output formats from Launchpad beyond WIKI
    * csv generation - in progress status
    * field column selection to display
    * filter on top of sets of output
 * Generating reports directly from Launchpad?

Survey of what's active:
- Harvest
- QA Dashboard:
- Weather Report:
- Burndown charts ( burn up variants, ...)
- Arsenal:
- Linaro reports:

Other projects to consider leveraging:
Jamie Bennett's: The open source reporting framework, BiRT (Eclipse plug-in), seems perfect for our reporting needs if we are to use an external tool. I've successfully used the database from to produce a simple form listing all blueprints. BiRT can be used to generate dynamic charts and also has a web-based aspect to produce dashboard like interfaces for status monitoring.


Dynamic Web based Dashboard examples:

QA fixes reports for per-release and per-team:

Work items:
[jml] database access for kate to improve explorations [DONE]
[jml] open up future series and line up testers.


Work Items