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A coordinated effort to publish stories about the work of translation teams throughout the cycle.

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Session notes:

 * There are not translation stories online.
   * It's planned to put them on translation portal, but we should be able to publish translation stories even now:
     * post on ubuntu planet
     * post on the fridge

 * Stories about how ubuntu is used in other's people's languages and what translators do, how are ubuntu translators done:

 * Hard part: to get the stories:
   * Ideas: get the word spread as soon possible, to get content and then decide how to publish it.
   * How to syndicate content: we want translation stories to be published everywhere: Fridge, Translations Portal, etc. Do we wait until the Portal is up?

 * We'd publish the stories on the Fridge until the Translations Portal is up and running. We can later on syndicate the stories to the Portal - we need to investigate how (existing Translations tag on the Fridge?)

 * Sources for content:
   * Ubuntu Global Jam: Translation Jams
   * Statistics
   * Stories about "human beings" being able to use Ubuntu in their language
   * Edubuntu
   * Stories about translation workflow
   * ...

 * Language barrier:
   * Translation teams do not always feel confident writing in English, especially long articles. How could we make this easier?
     * Creation of an English Review Team - perhaps reach out to the Ubuntu news team for this?
     * Multilingual content: we let everyone post in their native language? We could investigate filtering content per language on the Translations Portal.

 * It might be useful to have guidelines on the subjects to write about - we should encourage people not fluent in English to not be overly worried about the style

 * Reaching out to translation teams: initial blog post, e-mail to the ubuntu-translators list. First to local team coordinators, then to the teams if they are not responding.

 * We'll decide on the frequency once we see how much content we get. Idea: biweekly - every two weeks alternating a translation team interview and a story.

 * Keeping track of participation: in a wiki, using Ubuntu resources.
   * Open: how to track content

Work items for natty-alpha-1:
[milo] Create a wiki page with guidelines on how to write a translation story. This should include: suggestions for getting content, links to resources with inspirational content and general guidelines (such as e.g. "include a picture in your article if you can"): DONE
[milo] Create a wiki page to keep track of the teams response and published Translations Stories: DONE
[dpm] Write an inspirational blog post explaining the Translations Stories effort, and how people can get started writing their Translations Stories, encouraging them to participate: DONE
[dpm] E-mail the ubuntu-translators list explaining the Translation Translations Stories effort and encouraging them to participate: DONE
[dpm] E-mail local team coordinators directly encouraging them to participate and forward the info to their teams, so that anyone can write an article: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-11.04:
[dpm] Start publishing the Translations Stories on The Fridge until the Ubuntu Translations Portal is up and running: DONE


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