Introductory Video to Ubuntu Translations

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Production of an introductory video on Ubuntu translations, which will ultimately appear on the Translations Portal.

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Session notes:

* Production of a short video (~2-3m) to showcase how Ubuntu is translated, how easy is to contribute and how it benefits users.

 * Which areas do we want to highlight?
   * Benefits of translations to Ubuntu users
   * How easy it is to contribute
   * Focus on the work that's already been done
   * Other...

 * Script/storyboard proposal:
   * Intro - Ubuntu logo shown in different scripts
   * Where is Ubuntu used - pictures of Ubuntu used in schools and other places
   * How is Ubuntu translated - Launchpad intro
   * Community - pictures of translation jams
   * Join us -

 * Soundtrack - Creative Commons. Brainstorming
  * Create a theme for each section
  * Create a single theme for the whole video
  * Background noise of the location we are showing in the video

 * Tools: Bender, kdenlive, pitivi, ardour, audacity

 * Brainstorming:
   * All sections should have a quote
   * All pictures as well
   * Show how LP can be used in interesting ways: translating and reviewing through
   video conference in empathy
   * Show how while queuing in the supermarket you can send translations.
   * Show click-and-point translation with touch technology
   * Show number of translators in Launchpad
   * Idea: short video of a person in their locale. Ask translation teams to provide videos and we can put them together. No more than 15-20 seconds, nice and short
   * Zooming down to locations in the world with google earth where translations are used - that would help viewers identify where the person is using Ubuntu lives. We could show how social networking helps connecting users.
   * Show an animation: someone has an idea and type a new translation suggestion, and a community of translators reviewing.
   * Show how the sentence "Linux for human beings is translated"
   * How are animations done in the Ubuntu intro video UDS-N?
   * Remember to give credit to upstreams - Ubuntu benefit from a wide number of OSS projects
   * Show logos of projects

Work items:
[dpm] Familiarize with the toolset to create the Ubuntu Translations introductory video: TODO
[dpm] Define a set of premises to limit the complexity of the Ubuntu Translations introductory video and record them in the spec: TODO
[dpm] Create a high-level storyboard for the Ubuntu Translations introductory video, with section names and length: TODO
[dpm] Create detailed storyboard for each one of the sections of the Ubuntu Translations introductory video: TODO
[knitzsche] Provide a soundtrack to match the storyboard of the Ubuntu Translations introductory video, provided by dpm: TODO
[dpm] Send a call for submission of media content (pictures, videos, etc.) to the community, which shows how and where Ubuntu in native languages is used, or how the community translates Ubuntu (e.g. translation jams): TODO
[dpm] Create the intro section of the Ubuntu Translations Introductory video: TODO
[dpm] Create the "Who uses Ubuntu in their native language" section of the Ubuntu Translations Introductory video: TODO
[dpm] Create the "Community" section of the Ubuntu Translations Introductory video, showing how the community translates Ubuntu: TODO
[dpm] Mix all media content to produce the Ubuntu Translations introductory video: TODO


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