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We need good material with which we can reach out to new developers. We might need to trim down the necessary information to get a good understanding of how development is done, pick powerful examples that show how easily millions of users can benefit from your work, think about producing presentation material and videos. Maybe translate these resources. Put together a list of hot topics that need to be covered. At least we need a high-level overview for less technical audience, technical demo for more technical audience.

We want to focus on creating content that gives interested contributors in a broad sense a good overview of how Ubuntu Development works. It's important that all key players and moving parts are mentioned and explained how they fit together. More complicated aspects we will explain visually.

This documentation will live at and is not expected to change very often. It will also be turned into presentation material, which will be translated.

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Work items for natty-alpha-1:
[dholbach] create launchpad project for the text and images ( DONE
[dholbach] write first draft of "introduction to ubuntu development" ( DONE
[jml] test-read: DONE
[doctormo] test-read: DONE
[dylanmccall] test-read: DONE
[deryck] test-read: DONE
[jledbetter] test-read: DONE

Work items for natty-alpha-2:
[doctormo] work on diagrams (release cycle, contribution from start to finish, ...): DONE
[dpm] talk to dholbach about translating the text and presentations: DONE
[ranman] help with getting feedback (ISVs, people who migrate from Windows/Mac/...): POSTPONED
[jml] help with getting feedback (ISVs, people who migrate from Windows/Mac/...): DONE

Work items for natty-alpha-3:
[dholbach] talk to duanedesign about making a screencast: DONE
[dholbach] create presentation from text: DONE
[dholbach] ask Design team for feedback: POSTPONED
[dholbach] discuss "Intro to Ubuntu Development" page with Gerry regarding press suitability: DONE
[dholbach] work with Duane on screencasts for "Intro to Ubuntu development": DONE


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