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One piece of feedback we get from events like conferences regularly is: "I didn't know it's that easy to get involved with Ubuntu development." and "I wish I had seen this presentation much earlier."

In this session we want to figure out how we can best reach out to new Ubuntu Developers.

We believe that the most powerful experience to get new contributors involved is showing how to fix a bug themselves. Seeing how somebody actually goes about solving an issue for millions of users, or being guided through the process and doing it yourself makes this the most lively experience.

During the cycle we want to create presentation material and a screencast that shows how to best do this. We will also reach out to LoCos and developers, so they can go out there and give new contributors the first-hand experience of making Ubuntu better.

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Jono Bacon
Daniel Holbach
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Daniel Holbach
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Accepted for natty
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milestone icon ubuntu-11.04
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Daniel Holbach
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Daniel Holbach

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Work items for natty-alpha-1:
[dholbach] update Bugs/HowToFix and massage recommendations into it: DONE
[persia] update Bugs/HowToFix and massage recommendations into it: DONE
[pvillavi] work with dholbach and persia on Bugs/HowToFix: DONE
[persia] work on a demonstration script + notes: DONE
[jml] work on a demonstration script + notes (in lp:ubuntu-dev-intro now): DONE
[dholbach] identify necessary background material: DONE

Work items for natty-alpha-3:
[dholbach] work on presentation material: DONE
[kate.stewart] do neutral read of documentation: DONE

Work items:
[duanedesign] work on screencast: TODO
[dholbach] talk to translators about translating the presentations: DONE
[dholbach] write script that shows which loco team members of ~ubuntu-dev, ~ubuntu-bugcontrol are part of (http://people.canonical.com/~dholbach/loco-overlap): DONE
[czajkowski] set up a frontdesk for loco + developer interaction: DONE
[dholbach] together with Laura get presentation material to interested presenters out of the loco+developer group: DONE
[dholbach] talk to SpreadUbuntu team about presentation material: DONE


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