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blueprint for the ubuntustudio-controls application for the 14.04 release

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Ubuntu Studio Core
Ubuntu Studio Core
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Proposed for trusty
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Kaj Ailomaa


The Ubuntu Studio Startup Script is a script run at every login in user space. At first login user is presented with options on how to configure the system. Choices are stored in Home. Then, the script checks the system at each login if it works well with for what the user has selected at first login and notifies the user of any problems, unless the user decided to not get notifications.


Work Items

Work items:
[zequence] Create git repo for the generic linux-multimedia-controls at github and start syncing ubuntustudio-controls branch from there: TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] Option to keep it in the systray with a dropdown menu: TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] Administer user realtime privilege (not only currently logged in user): TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] audio init button (set to kill and restart pulseaudio, and/or kill jack in options): TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] Make system settings for graphics/video, as shown here http://www.rileybrandt.com/2012/07/31/linux-photo-1/: TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] Add troubleshooting/log button which scans the system and creates a file which can be pasted into emails and such, when asking for help: TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] Add a control for setting jack latency humanized (show ms first, f/p second): TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] Add a control for setting default jack audio device (persistent between boots): TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] Add option to have a2jmidid start with jack: TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] Idea: set audio device for jack at first login (will require persistent card selection, based on name: how does Pulseaudio do it?): TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] first start notifications - can point out help/faq doc, tutorials, walkthrough, etc locations or important settings: TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] Check the system for settings needed for good performance. If something is lacking, send notification: TODO

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