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Add workitems concerning adding/removing applications, adjusting the metas, etc..

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Are we supporting all convert to and from formats? Which is the preferred way to do that? Perhaps there's a nice gui app that can be used as a separate tool. -> Sound Converter

We discussed about changing from "audio" to "realtime" user group. What about that point?


Work Items

Work items:
[zequence] Add supercollider to seeds: DONE
[zequence] Add faust to seeds: DONE
[zequence] Remove wrapper script for qjackctl in Debian source (broken) (done in Debian source): DONE
[zequence] Have all audio packages in Debian not use --debug in debian/rules build instructions (moving to non-release tasks): POSTPONED
[len-ovenwerks] Decide wether to add LMMS to seeds: DONE
[ubuntustudio-dev] Possibly replace XFCE mixer with qasmixer (or adding it to the mix): POSTPONED
[ubuntustudio-dev] Decide whether to add volti (not adding it): DONE
[ubuntustudio-dev] default jack settings - set reasonable, yet sane, default jack settings (some changes could be made upstream, like sample rate): POSTPONED
[ubuntustudio-dev] audio plugins - we ship a large amount, can this be cleaned up (or can we add a ubuntustudio categorization, to help find recommended plugins?): POSTPONED
[ubuntustudio-dev] audio plugins - list all of them and see if we are missing any (if we ship all of them, we should recommend a few good ones): POSTPONED
[ubuntustudio-dev] audio plugins - can we create a list of popular ones with example settings (ask on -user mail lists, and get help from users): POSTPONED
[ubuntustudio-dev] Add audio group as a default group for newly created users (not only the first user): POSTPONED
[zequence] Concider consolidating the three audio metas to one: DONE
[cjcurran] investigate a good set of defaults for supercollider: POSTPONED
[cjcurran] Define applications and settings to be installed for audio coding (subgroup of audio workflow): POSTPONED

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