Ubuntu Studio Quantal Theme and Artwork

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Updates to the Ubuntu Studio theming and artwork

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Scott Lavender
Scott Lavender
Scott Lavender
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Accepted for quantal
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milestone icon ubuntu-12.10-beta-1
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Scott Lavender

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[len] re. bottom pannel, Some of the apps are single use or used only for a short while after install. For example the settings manager and software center. Does it realy make sense to use up panel space with these kinds of apps?
[len] re. ubuntustudio-resources, would that be a place to put icons for menus etc? Do we really want to keep them separately from the menu and directory files that use them? that would mean fixing two packages to fix/add a menu item.


Work Items

Work items:
[ubuntustudio-dev] better lightdm greeter theme: POSTPONED
[slavender] add user submitted "old" them that was ported to gtk3: POSTPONED
[slavender] add user wallpaper to wallpaper package: POSTPONED
[slavender] check licensing / authors on all shipped art work and make sure they are properly documented: POSTPONED
[slavender] aggregate all available artwork, logos, banners, etc in ubuntustudio-resources branch in launchpad: POSTPONED
[slavender] adjust "raise on focus" settings (let's you scroll a window without raising it below the active window): POSTPONED
[slavender] update terminal settings per xubuntu: POSTPONED
[slavender] change system font? ubuntu or ubuntu-mono? keep droid sans?: POSTPONED
[slavender] verify need for logo icons in -default-settings package (LP: 980060): POSTPONED
[slavender] logo should be generated from source at build time for -default-settings (LP: 980059): POSTPONED
[slavender] explore making the bottom panel icons smaller: POSTPONED
[slavender] do we want more/other icons in the bottom panel?: POSTPONED
[len-ovenwerks] Add/fix text plymouth theme for those video cards that won't see graphics so it says Ubuntu studio: DONE
[ubuntustudio-dev] All icons for ubuntuStudio submenus should be New Ubuntu studio icons in case the ones we are using from xfce vanish: POSTPONED

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