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Updates to various Ubuntu Studio documentation for users, development, and testing.

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Scott Lavender
Scott Lavender
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Accepted for quantal
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milestone icon ubuntu-12.10-beta-2
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Scott Lavender

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* Add documentation for adding external applications, such as linux-sampler and cinerella. Three ways to install: 1. packages, manually 2. PPA 3. Build from source
* Workflow main and sub categories (to be used for menus, documentation and feature tour). Main categories: audio, graphics, video, photography, publishing (e-books). Sub-categories (examples): recording, mixing, mastering, live-processing, 3D animation, movie making, sub-titling, photo editing, e-book publishing, etc..


Work Items

Work items:
[zequence] user - host the documentation at help.ubuntu.com or new website?: POSTPONED
[zequence] user - new user documentation for intro to/explanation of ubuntu studio: DONE
[zequence] user - new user documentation for installation: DONE
[zequence] user - new user documentation for setting up/tweaking: POSTPONED
[zequence] user - new user documentation for normal desktop usage (play media, copy discs, internet, whatever): POSTPONED
[zequence] user - new user documentation for using ubuntu studio based on work flows: POSTPONED
[zequence] user - MISSING: docs about sampling, and sampler: POSTPONED
[zequence] user - new user documentation for getting help (irc, mailing list, website, voodo, black magic, bribery) (done in community docs http://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/IRC): DONE
[zequence] user - new user documentation for matrix of hardware with performances provided by users: POSTPONED
[zequence] user - Add intro documentation for new users to either the website, or the commuity wiki. A link for that page will then be added to the desktop on a default Ubuntu Studio install: POSTPONED
[zequence] user - Make help button point to /usr/share/ubuntustudio-docs/about/ubuntustudio-index.html and create that page: POSTPONED
[slavender] testing - overview to explain reasons for testing, expected goals, daily vs. milestone testing: POSTPONED
[zequence] testing - develop list of studio specific items to check (i.e. does jack start, is performance regressed, does blender start): POSTPONED
[zequence] testing - provide information/links to/explain how to report a bug: DONE
[slavender] testing - document qa iso website and location of images: DONE
[zequence] testing - tips how to download images (i.e. zsync perferred, not ftp via browswer) and how to burn (i.e. to flash drive): DONE
[slavender] testing - when to report a bug in the qa iso tracker: DONE
[slavender] testing - reporting test results in qa iso tracker (both for dailies and milestone): DONE
[ubuntustudio-dev] devel - document any automation or scripts current team uses (i.e. to download iso and burn to flash drive): POSTPONED
[ubuntustudio-dev] devel - explore, test, and document using ubuntu-qa-tools to automate image testing in vm (it's *bloody* cool!): POSTPONED
[ubuntustudio-dev] devel - location of our images in qa iso tracker: DONE
[ubuntustudio-dev] devel - tips for checking logs and processes during install testing: POSTPONED
[zequence] devel - Add a simple comparison data sheet between -generic and -lowlatency, based on testing results: POSTPONED
[zequence] devel - Revamp http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/ to include relevant development documentation: POSTPONED
[smartboyhw] user - new user documentation on how to do publishing in Ubuntu Studio: POSTPONED

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