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With the changes in planning releases of Ubuntu, the Ubuntu Status Tracker is not easily able to scale. Some of the issues are:

- Unable to use a blueprint to track work against multiple cycles
- Requirement of a milestone to match a cycle
- Hard coded views that are not easy to change

The goal of this meeting is to come up with a list of requirements for the status tracker (as well as a list of it would be nice to have X and Y).

Blueprint information

Not started
Gema Gomez
Chris Johnston
Canonical CI Engineering
Series goal:
Accepted for saucy
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Problem points:
monthly breakdown (global, per-team)
basically just need to make a link per team visible like:
Unable to use a blueprint to track work against multiple cycles
requrement of a milestone to match a cycle
hard coded views that aren't easy to change
topics work around this, but it's still not easy to select work by teams / groups

rewrite in django - more flexibility in creating views
decouple blueprints from series, use milestones(?)
use a single "dev" series. then use milestones within that
find two teams to pilot this with (olli and community teams)

List of requirements:
Add links to team by milestone
Look into removing the kanban

Ricks Requirements:
1. the EMs (or whatever leader, for instance a community member) can plan their work effectively
2. teams can easily track their burndowns
3. the work items and progress are transparent (i.e. easy to find, and folks can see the status)


Work Items

Work items:
[cjohnston] send email to ubuntu-devel@ regarding removing the kanban charts: DONE
[cjohnston] remove/seperate out kanban charts based on feedback from email: DONE
[cjohnston] Add links from team pages to milestones pages: DONE
[cjohnston] Add proper bug tracking for bugs that aren't against Ubuntu: DONE
[cjohnston] setup a meeting to discuss the dev series and make sure its perceived as transparent: TODO

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