I want a truly 3d operating system, with real time p2p communication via several FOSS technologies.

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My idea for a perfect Operating System.

Please feel free to help me update/edit this entry to my blog:

OK, here is a rough outline of my OS design that I am going to keep updated, and flesh out.

A. Instant boot to full 3d immersion world, with real time audio chat in 5.1 with other friend's 3d avatars (md2, md3, md5) from email address list over p2p connection. World resembles 3d lit, animated field (tropical island, beach, whatever) with slight breeze, sun, waving grass, butterflies, ambient natural noises in 5.1 (Graphics engine from Quake 2 Evolved, plus some upgrades).

Real time radar with location of 3d beryl cube as targeted blip.

B. Distant 3d Beryl Cube Icon, with animation, real time desktops as shaders, four separate desktops on each side of the beryl cube:

C. Four Desktops:

1. Work Desktop

a. Internet : 3d realtime lit icon of earth spinning, with weather and labeled as Internet, opens Firefox full screen, with option to import bookmarks, passwords, search history, turn on adblock, flashblock, etc. (first boot only).

b. Email: 3d realtime lit icon featuring letter opening, paper unfolding, opens as Thunderbird full screen with options to import bookmarks, mail, and contact list from other email programs, Operating Systems, Text files, LDF, MySpace, any IM, etc. (first boot only).

c. Open Office Writer: 3d realtime lit icon of pen writing in a notebook, page turn, continue writing. Opens Open Office Write, with the file save default to Microsoft Word .doc (for now).

d. GIMP: 3d realtime icon of airbrush painting mona lisa, then detailing small section after zoom. Opens the GimpShop (Photoshop clone version), option to select default image location, image format settings etc. (first boot only).

e. Stock Ticker: 3d icon of stock ticker spewing stocks on paper. Opens whatever online stock feed the user wants, real time in an easy to use 3d interface.

f. Calendar: 3d icon of a calendar with pages waving in a light breeze. User selectable calendar image on the icon. opens Sunbird, for now, but later integrates with 3d secretary avatar.

f. Synaptic: User selectable "add work application" 3d icon and link to package manager (for now, synaptic/category WORK: Options to install Inkscape, Ardour, GCC, Audacity, Open Office Calc, etc.).

2. Play Desktop:

a. Video Chat: Real time 3d icon of webcam, generic male avatar talking, and generic female avatar talking on screen. Opens a way upgraded version of Ekiga, with all your email/MySpace/IM contacts imported automagically (on first boot), connecting via the built in p2p networking system.

b. Video Games: Real time 3d icon of Nintendo 64 console, 3d hands grabbing a controller, a TV screen turning on. Opens N64 emulator (for now Mupen, plus latest Glide plugin). Offers multiplayer with email address list contacts on the same OS. Plus instant ROM sharing, on by default with your online friends, connecting over the built in P2P networking system.

c. Instant Messaging: Real time 3d icon of hands typing and irc chat scrolling on LCD. Opens Pidgin, First time wizard runs through your IM importing process (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, Skype, Jabber, IRC, soon MySpace IM). Automagically connects you to the <100 active users IRC chat relevant to this operating system.

d. Chess: Real time 3d icon of two hands moving chess pieces. Real time online 3d chess with anyone in email address book and online with same OS. Option to play timed game, or untimed game. Also automatically brings contacted chess avatar partner near the board that is setup real time in the 3dworld with the field and such.

e. Cards: Same thing as chess, but with cards. All in the 3d world/field, with a card table and avatars holding cards. 10 most popular games, by default: Texas Hold'em, Rummy, Go Fish, Black Jack, Spades, Hearts, Cribbage, Solitaire, Free Cell, Spider Solitaire. etc.

f. Urban Terror: Icon is Real time snapshot of view from a random game online on LCD, with 3d hands mouse + keys, updating every 5 seconds. Automagically opens Urban Terror on a server where any friend of yours is, plus opens instant audio connection with online buddy, over built in P2P connection.

g. Sudoku. 3d version that takes place with number blocks on a 3d grid in the field view.

h. MythTV: 3d image of hand and remote in front of TV/Tivo. MythTV already up and running and using the TV card automagically. on First Open option to select favorite programs over easy to use TV Guide like browser, or even with text search of available shows over the next 7 days. Friends can send your Tivo suggested shows, if you wish/allow them to. Smart commercial skipping, and volume normalizing, adblocking, and integration as a shader on a 3d model of a "TV" real time in the 3d world (Plus zoom in and out to fullscreen). Also interfaced to import all users video files indexable, searchable, and with all common codecs already installed. Also connected real time to Tivo.

i. Webcam: 3d image of avatar talking to webcam and showing up on screen real time with directors black/white ACTION board opening and closing. Opens a simple webcam recording program that can open any video source connected to the PC, and edit simple movies and slideshows. The real time webcam recording software displays a 3d ACTION board and says "Action" right before the recording starts, video conference starts.

j. 3d Avatar creator. 3d image of webcam and monitor, digitizing a 3d avatar on screen real time. Can use one single webcam to capture 3d information, or a stereo webcam to capture whole models and integrate them into the 3d environment real time, including people's faces and bodies. *This is future tech software that I have not scene yet in the current real world.

3. Read Desktop

a. Wikipedia. 3d icon of encyclopedia that opens wiki pedia as a shader on a 3d book real time in the 3d world. Very basic interface, with Wikipedia search functions clearly on screen.

b. My Documents. Some kind of 3d file system icon. Opens "Home" folder of Linux, but calls it "My Documents" on first boot option to import all documents from Windows/Linux/Mac versions of "My Documents"

c. Firefox: Internet duplication from "Work Desk" Opens to youtube style online tutorial on how to quickly add bookmarks to "bookmark toolbar folder".

d. PDF Viewer. 3d icon of USB stick going in and opening a text document_ Evince pasted as a shader on a 3d "book" real time, with zoom to full screen option. Imports Folder/Filesystem into easy to access menu on first boot.

e. Audio Books. 3d animation of mouth speaking on screen and words coming out of speaking icon. On first boot imports audio book mp3. ogg. or cds into easy to navigate window. Also integrated Torrent Audio Book search / download. Opens Rhythmbox equivalent with specific audio book features (follow text real time on screen with pdf/odf/txt file), etc.

f. Movie/TV show library. Opens the MythTV front end, just like on Play desktop, but automatically loading the saved show/movie library from the users imported files/shows/video

g. Memo taking, OCR, Dictation, Blog Posting, RSS Aggregating. *Future tech new program not yet existent.

4. Legacy Desktop.

a. DosBox clone, file import features, organization, package management. Option to go full screen.

b. Windows VM. Perhaps ReactOS virtual machine, setup to utilize the fastest VM technology, and the best approximate generic windows desktop, with option to go full screen, file import, organization, package management, etc. Option to go full screen.

c. Mac OS VM. *Future tech ReactOS like Mac OS FOSS clone. Option to go full screen.

d. Gnome desktop. For gnome programs, etc. Links to major tools integrated into gnome menu. Option to go full screen.

e. KDE desktop. Same as gnome, but KDE. Option to go full screen.

f. Phone Clone. *Future tech program that automagically syncs with all known cell phones either via USB, bluetooth, Infrared, or legacy data cable. Imports all IM, email, and other contacts automatically, backs up current cell phone phone book, and adds numbers from other contacts who are in your email address book automagically if the other contacts allow it to. Can be used for PC to phone calls and vice versa as well, or to open real time speex online audio chat with any other ideal OS user. Integrated video chat where possible with newest cell phones.

D. Awesome Help System. F1 brings up a very easy to navigate help system, that has the user type in a question automatically scans the OS forums, FAQ, Feature Request, and Bug Request online repos, and then gives the user a list of links that might actually solve their issue. Their question is also logged automatically in the online Launchpad bug list, and categorized as a dupe, by a volunteer later.

E. 10 most asked questions / feature requests / bug reports about the OS will be addressed and fixed in future revision of the OS. Wash and repeat.

So that's my ideal OS. A beautifully real time lighting 3d rendered field with real time 5.1 audio communication with your friends/coworkers/students/teachers/family, with a compiz cube out in the sky with four basic desktops on each side of the cube, and user selectable wall papers. Plus the ability to run all existing mac, Windows, Dos, KDE, GTK, and other legacy software either on a real time VM, or natively as an integrated app on the play, work, read, or legacy desktops.

With slideshow, real time TV, online contact chase cam, 3d physics animations, helicopter virtual world cam, and other user configurable screen savers.

I'd also like to have six basic voice commands understood in the main 3d world initial screen. First a "secretary name" to turn on voice recognition and then "On, Off, Work, Play, Read, Legacy" Which instantly zooms to that respective desktop. Each desktop has voice recognition that understands the seven or eight commands that are icon choices for that specific desktop. Applications that support it will also offer voice recognition in the actual application. *Most of these will have to be new future designed applications, or edited interfaces. As in, "Esmeralda, Play TV, Daily Show" will automatically go full screen with the latest Daily Show, already "Tivoed" to your machine and then you have the options "louder" or "softer" (with the voice recognition automatically filtering out the audio going out of the speakers via noise cancellation techniques (transparent to the end user) to eliminate feed back, and to eliminate the voice recognition reacting to "The Daily Show", or other audio being played in the room. So long as the computer has already heard "(Secretary Name), On".

Eventually, as this OS gains in popularity, I would like to have a wiimote with on/off/volume buttons, that can be used as a mouse anywhere in the room, game controller, and a wireless solid mousepad that is actually a centiq style touchscreen/wacom tablet, so you can use the air brush real time in the gimp on the actual screen you are drawing on, or writing on, or writing music on.

Off would only turn the screen, camera, microphone, and speakers off (unless "off" turns on music, or a slideshow, or TV, or whatever the user selects as a screensaver). The computer would still be functioning as a Tivo, and have all the other stuff ready to go for instant on capability.

Please feel free to comment on ways to improve or edit my desktop concept. I'm looking for coders and other people to actually make this happen, too, by the way.


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I would resume this to a blueprint i'd wanted to post so let combine&resume this :

*When making a new virtual desktop ADD the possibilty to put your own icons (any size)
 => how to : have each virtual desktop assigned to a desktop (container) folder wich contains : specific icons, specific applications to be launched when accessing the desktop with preferences(such as size, position, shader background?,..hide), specific background picture special*
=> how already: this can be done on many operating systems by choosing multiple user for each of the playgrounds mentionned primarly : a user for working, a user for playing, a user for dancing,...
//*BUT each new user has personal files,takes up space on the disk *TER is one thing thats you cannot bring a toy in the office and a book on the dancefloor.//

*specific background special = a background image + clicking interaction zones + 3d molding to be added/substaracted from the CUBE.
i.e : background of a virtual desktop is a crossed ubuntu globe in a specific resolution + when i click on a continent it takes me to the folder containing pictures and text about this continent & when i click on the sea it opens ie the web +
the crossed globe is from one diagonal to another and is a representation of a pyramid from top so when the transition cube spins it is actually noticeable that this virtual desktop is this one because it has a pyramid shape, this also making the transition volume look like a (roman typical squared base villa) house.
//like in html : onmousehover a zone > actions & must be basic 3D or the transition handler can open dwg like files&asign faces to it //

notes to the primary statement : the regroup all documents of multiple operating system in one folder could be an other blueprint : and a subject of debate : with so many files and so many locations for them how easy for user is going to be to handle, store and keep track of those files ? it like the cavern of alibaba full of treasors or shelves full of books...
the shape of this all can be reconsidered : have music in folder or in a box or in the sky or in chords sheets in front of an orchestra

-- Add this:
Desktop GUI bandwidth / network traffic shaping tool for general or per-application bandwidth maximum usage.


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