A new color scheme, layout, and UI change.

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The current Ubuntu color scheme, layout and GUI arrangement is a huge problem in getting new people to adopt Ubuntu. Casual computer users are turned-off by the nearly mono-chromatic, bland 'brown' theme, and do not care that extensive customization options exist. When compared with the current Mac OS X or Windows version, the 'brown' scheme is extremely ugly and amateur-looking. Ubuntu should include a colorful and professional design by default, incorporating the many innovations in GUI design that have been made in the last decade. A dock program such as "avant-window-navigator' should be looked at, as well as the desktop program 'screenlets'. Ubuntu should lead the Operating System innovation by moving away from the un-intuitive menu scheme, towards the large, self-explanatory icon and animation scheme that almost every modern OS is rapidly approaching.

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I don't think current theme is ugly.
What you mean with "unintuitive menu scheme"? The Windows Start button or KDE K button is at least equally intuitive if not less intuitive.
The current menu scheme is very good - it is clearly separated into categories and most actions can be preformed with less clicks than in for example Windows.

Although ugliness is completely relative, I think you'll find that the vast majority of users find 'brown' to be a pretty ugly color to stare at all day. There is no getting around the fact that Ubuntu's default layout/color scheme is regarded by casual users as 'ugly'. Show it to someone who has never heard of Ubuntu, and see what their reaction is in comparison to Mac OS or Windows Vista.

Also, I don't think comparing Ubuntu's menu scheme to Windows' circa-1995 navigation system is fair; Ubuntu's is clearly superior. KDE's is also pretty terrible in comparison. Ubuntu should be striving to match Mac OS X's level of usability-- and innovating upon its ideas -- rather than copying early 90's menu technology.

Brown theme: I have heard very few reactions on the default look and feel and all were positive. For me the current theme is nice (best of available themes in def. install), alhough it could be better.
Menu scheme: I can compare the menu style only to Vista, not Mac OS X, and for me the Ubuntu style is more usable - I can start applications, change settings, and open places (devices, bookmarked folders) quicker than in Vista. Also the menu is very well categorized (for me) in comparision to Vista.


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