LiveCD style installer for ARM

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For ARM targets we currently have semi-preinstalled images - an already extracted rootfs on SD card which is expanded to fit the media on first boot and run oem-config.
We should investigate the feasibility of having an installer more in line with Ubuntu desktop, that is installing from a squashfs based live-image. There are performance issues to consider - such an image proved very slow a couple of cycles before - and the fact that most of our target hardware only has one storage media by default, making the source and the target of the install necessarily the same. We could have such a live-installer made initially only for the particular case of installing from SD card to an external USB drive.

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David Mandala
Jani Monoses
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Question: Do we need an Live Installer Image for install or test?

Answer: Yes, do it

Targets: Panda w/ external USB drive will be the initial target

Work Items for precise-alpha-1:

[ogra] Create Panda live installer image non-daily (Mon., Wed.): POSTPONED

Work Items for precise-alpha-2:

[jani] Evaluate the live installer performance between Alpha 1 and Aplha 3: POSTPONED
[ogra] Exception to building: if HF builds are impacted then stop the image builds: POSTPONED
[jani] Evaluation Criteria: should take no longer than twice the pre-installed time (about 1 hour): POSTPONED
[jani] Insure Ubiquity slideshow content matches what is being installed: POSTPONED

Work Items for precise-alpha-3:

[jani] If the Panda live installer image is useful attempt other target builds: one of omap3, mx5, ac100: POSTPONED

Work Items for precise-beta-2:
[jani] If the image works fine with the default settings evaluate the possibility of pre-boot configuration in uboot, as done in the grub gfxboot menu (i.e. Selecting language, accessibility options, only-installer mode, etc.): POSTPONED
[gruemaster] Test the images: POSTPONED


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