Improve Integration between all the *buntu distros

Registered by Abhinay Mukunthan

I think there should be more of an integration between all distros.
For example, installing a kde app in gnome still makes it look and act differently from all other gnome apps. In kde, it looks a lot similar, but it still acts differently(file open dialogue etc...). This should be unified, to make all applications appear and act as if they were meant to run on the distro. How does openoffice achieve this?

Also, once this is achieved, the next step should be to package apps, regardless of toolkits as a default set to make adoption easier for new users. For example... if they installed ubuntu at home, and see kubuntu on a friends computer, they should have a certain level of familiarity of applications. Instead, right now, its a completely different set of applications, simply to help with the look and feel aspect.

I think applications should be broken down in order of priority within the Desktop Environment. For example... in three Tiers...

Tier 1 - Desktop Applications - These will be different for each Desktop Environment
Gnome should ship with Nautilus for example, while KDE should ship with konqueror, as these are their default file managers. Things like kpdf, and gwenview also should stay, because they are tightly integrated into konqueror. I'm sure there will be a few more apps in this category

Tier 2: Applications for the common man
Web Browsers, Media Players, and so on... Only the best should be chosen as the default ones. A voting process for this would be the best idea, among the existing ubuntu users. These should be made available in default ubuntu packages such as ubuntu-multimedia, and ubuntu-internet, and will be installed by default in each of the three distros. However, while it will be in the default install, advanced users can still, with a little more effort, restore a second spec of apps...

For this, we can create a second meta-package called qt-specific or gtk-specific, which will uninstall all the "ubuntu-default" apps, and install qt-only apps or gtk-only apps for the user who wants a singlt-toolkit experience. This will allow the current users to enjoy their current experience, while new users can still find it easy to move DE's, if necessary.

Please dont throw this suggestion away as a silly one, as many have on the forums. It is important in my opinion, if Ubuntu should succeed in the future. I'm sorry I didn't make this a single paragraph discription, but it is a bit hard to describe all this in one paragraph :)

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