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add a button to the IndicatorApplet / UbuntuOne which allows users to request support
there will get a popup that ask 3 questions:
- what went wrong
- what happened
- what did you expect to happen
--> redirect to an online tool
login with a launchpad openid
based upon hardware / software and given answers a potential solution(s) are shown
the online tool requests supporters to join the session
first one initiates a chat (irc / gwibber / skype)

additional the supporter can easily link to other related information
see hardware details, software tree installed, (software recent changes)
see current and previous issues (user is unique by openid)

undifined> I figured, this is something whole community should benefit from, and would make requesting very easy, and since it's somewhat automated, you can point to good resources when there isn't someone to support
<daubers> Absolutley. It's just something that may not be particularly easy to impliment. But the UDS types will be best placed to suss that out
<undifined> well, it's really a button, pointing to a window asking 3 questions and pointing to a website
<undifined> in that website you can automate on given input
<undifined> so if I say ATI, the website gives me good ubuntu resoucres on ati
<daubers> :) But it's the maintenance stuff of the website. Specially for the h/w db route. Can become a bit of a burden quite fast (I'd imagine). I may be wrong though, and if I am will happily let people get on with things
<undifined> indeed, such a website will take a bit of maintenance, but it would a huge relief on help me's
<daubers> Yup
<daubers> Shall see what people say to the blueprint. I'll try and have a proper looksey when I'm home on Friday
<undifined> which meeans people who know stuff can spend that time on doing other things
<daubers> :)
<undifined> and the really neat thing of doing support this way, is that you can see previous support requests too
<undifined> and it registered, meaning we know where avg people run into and what could be done better

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