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Include the Speakup Screen Reader in the Ubuntu kernels, and provide some extra user-space enhancements to make working with speakup easier for users.

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Matt Zimmerman
Luke Yelavich
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Luke Yelavich
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Ben Collins

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dsilvers: 19/06: 18:30: Since you think this needs further discussion, here are my comments...

1. Without an assignee it's extremely difficult to say if there is sufficient detail in the technical description of what needs to be done for it to be implemented sanely.
2. I'd like to see a kernel maintainer's view of the patches, either included in the specification or else at least see that a kernel maint has contributed to the spec from the PoV of the feasibility of integrating the patches

themuso: 20/06: Ben Collins has examined the speakup kernel code, and has determined it to have very little impact on the kernel. He noted that a few things could be done a little cleaner, but otherwise it seems to be fine. Speakup will be included in the next kernel update.

For my part, I have updated the spec to be a little more informative as to how the userspace scripts would interract with speakup. Please let me know if you would like some more details.

I am willing to write the userspace scripts for this spec.

dsilvers: 20/06: 18:50: Okay, you're the assignee, With that as a given, I'm prepared to say that this can go for approval.
mdz: reviewed 2006-06-20, comments inline. Note also that the time estimate seems unrealistic, please consider more carefully.

themuso: 21/06 10:52: Ok, i reworked the implementation porshion of the spec somewhat. I think it was also an accidental addition for developer days due to the way I use the console to access launchpad.

jbailey: 22/06 17:54: I think the implementation section is workable now, putting to pending-approval.

Themuso: 05/09 20:50:19 +1000 - Kernel side is done, but due to lack of time, I have been unable to complete a useful lot of userspace scipts to drive speakup before feature freeze. I hope to at least get something into universe so that users can use speakup more easily than they can now.


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