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Songbird is a desktop Web player, a digital jukebox and Web browser mash-up. It is based on Mozilla and could fit in well with Ubuntu. The welcome page for Songbird has a pie chart showing how many of it's users are using Linux. Not only is this a very good media player but it also would be useful for showing the world that Linux is a player that counts.

This program should be integrated with Ubuntu whenever Ubuntu developers decide the program is ready enough to be added.

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Songbird looks like it is going to be excellent. Also, it's cross-platform, so Windows users of Songbird can easily migrate (get it?) to Ubuntu. But IMO, as it is at the moment, it's not anywhere near stable enough or fast enough to be included in the default installation. - AlanRae
I agree, it is not ready and should be kept under review. In the meantime Ubuntu users and developers can co-operate with the Songbird project to ensure that Songbird works well on Ubuntu when it is released. This can be done by making bug reports and suggestions at when necessary. - John McCourt
Firstly its vitally important for the inclusion of Songbird in the repositories to provide new users of ubuntu completely up to date and cutting edge software.
Songbird has become really stable, and made a lot of progress in the last months. It's fast, and stable enough. Right now they're on the beta version, that should be review by the Ubuntu team, and I think can be added to the repositories. This beta version includes a lot of bug fixes and stability upgrades. I'd like Songbird to replace Rhythmbox as the default player for Ubuntu, since the beta version now offers more feauters than Rhythmbox. -fcastillo
I've just been testing the new 0.7.0 beta for Songbird and would have to say it's quite impressive. I certainly think this could be used in intrepid or intrepid+1 although I'm not sure the skin matches the Ubuntu theme at the moment.
I don't think that's a problem, since Songbird has many themes (feathers), and making one that looks like Ubuntu it's not a problem at all - fcastillo
Songbird doesn't play cd's properly yet. That's a major feature that should be available in a default mediaplayer. This feature is in Songbird development roadmap so hopefully it will be implemented soon.


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