OpenStack Charm work for Vivid

Registered by James Page

The OpenStack charms are and should continue to be the de-facto way to install OpenStack on Ubuntu; lets keep it that way!

Move to 3 month charm cycle to avoid feature starvation
Improve QA activities to include HA++ testing
Improve charm HA where possible
Neutron router HA and DVR support

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Patricia Gaughen
Ubuntu Server
Liam Young
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Accepted for vivid
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Dean is a developer on a product that makes use of the OpenStack charms; he's able to keep introducing new features alongside charm updates every three months, instead of having to wait for six months.

James is deploying neutron and wants to try out the new HA features introduced in juno; he's able to enable these in his deployment with:

    juju set neutron-api router-ha=true distributed-virtual-router=true

Emma is debugging a problem with her OpenStack charm deployment; she's able to easily parse the debug logs and understand what's causing her problems.

Corey wants to use the OpenStack charms to deploy his current WIP on a refatoring in the upstream OpenStack codebase; he's able to deploy OpenStack componets from git repositories in an easy to use fashion which feels very similar to devstack stack/unstack.

Bob wants to be able to do an ha deployment with a single deployer config rather than used a phased deployment.

3 month release cycle is only supportable with appropriate QA (esp HA).

Insufficent resource to delivery scope for cycle.

OpenStack charms + mysql, rabbitmq-server, percona-cluster, mongodb, redis

Any other charms.

No features should land into next without a) appropriate unit tests b) amulet tests and c) deployer configurations for fully automated testing.

Features should consider HTTPS and HA requirements.

Neutron DVR/HA
ZeroMQ support (inc Redis)
Ceilometer HA + HTTPS
Heat HTTPS (no HA this cycle)
Keystone PKI support
HA improvements
Deploy from git.


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-15.01:
Try Mojo for Openstack bundle and HA testing: DONE
Write Mojo spec and helpers for Openstack Deploys: DONE
Add Mojo support into OSCI: DONE
Add support for Ceph Rados gw HA: DONE
Add unicast support to Hacluster charm: DONE
Add support for Keystone SSL: DONE
add percona and rabbitmq charms to stable/next process: DONE
Charm release notes for 15.01 release: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-15.04:
Support for OpenStack Kilo release: TODO
Squash existing openstack charm bugs: TODO
Finish unit_tests and amulet coverage: TODO
create basic amulet tests - ceilometer-agent: TODO
[gnuoy] create basic amulet tests - ceilometer: TODO
create basic amulet tests - cinder-ceph: TODO
create basic amulet tests - hacluster: TODO
[gnuoy] create basic amulet tests - neutron-api: TODO
[gnuoy] create basic amulet tests - neutron-openvswitch: TODO
create basic amulet tests - nova-compute-vmware: TODO
[gnuoy] create basic amulet tests - openstack-dashboard: DONE
Review and purge where possible pkg installs at runtime: TODO
[gnuoy] Neutron router HA and DVR support (>= juno): TODO
Write templates for charm-helpers for cinder and neutron backends/plugins: TODO
Review charm documentation and update as required: TODO
Setup openstack-charmers mailing list on TODO
review use of logging throughout charm-helpers and charms, make it useful: TODO
move CONFIG out of global scope and construct as required (optimization): TODO
drop links that don't actually provide hooks: TODO
configuration file review and updates for deprecated options/sections etc: TODO
Move to OS style standards for Charms and OS Charm helpers: TODO
[james-page] openstack-zmq redis support: DONE
support in ceilometer charm for multiple message brokers: TODO
[corey.bryant] smackstack: INPROGRESS
deploy from git - ceilometer-agent: TODO
deploy from git - ceilometer: TODO
deploy from git - cinder-ceph: TODO
[corey.bryant] deploy from git - cinder: DONE
[corey.bryant] deploy from git - glance: DONE
[corey.bryant] deploy from git - keystone: DONE
[corey.bryant] deploy from git - neutron-api: DONE
[corey.bryant] deploy from git - neutron-openvswitch: DONE
[corey.bryant] deploy from git - nova-compute: DONE
deploy from git - nova-compute-vmware: TODO
[corey.bryant] deploy from git - nova-cloud-controller: DONE
[corey.bryant] deploy from git - openstack-dashboard: DONE
[corey.bryant] deploy from git - quantum-gateway: DONE
deploy from git - swift-proxy: TODO
deploy from git - swift-storage: TODO
Make os charms restart aware: TODO
Automated charmhelper sync into next charms: TODO
Sync precise and trusty charms: TODO
Move cs:/oscharm to trusty: TODO
Enable more people to join os-charmers: documentation, review criteria, contrib workflow, joining criteria: TODO
Advertising third party plugins that have been accepted: TODO
Third party segregation in the code. Refactor code to distnace third party plugins: TODO
OpenContrail charm review and landing into official charms: TODO
Charm release notes for 15.04 release: TODO
Charms support leadership election: TODO

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