MAAS next steps

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In this session we will discuss:

* New features for MAAS this cycle.
* Bug fixing.

Blueprint information

Dave Walker
Ubuntu Server
Andres Rodriguez
Series goal:
Accepted for raring
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-13.04-alpha-2
Started by
Andres Rodriguez
Completed by
Andres Rodriguez

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User Stories:

James is a user who wants to use MAAS to deploy OpenStack with juju charms. However, he needs features that are yet to be developed.

Scott wants to be able to use the newer MAAS releases in precise or quantal because the newer one contains fixes he requires and are essential for him to do so. He needs to upgrade on precise.

Upgrading might cause problems leaving MAAS unusable.

Test Plans:
Test Upgrades for both Precise and Quantal from PPA's.

Release Note:


Work Items

Work items:
[andreserl] SRU django 1.4 GenericIpAddressField to 1.3 for 12.04 (LP: #1081391): POSTPONED
[andreserl] SRU django 1.4 prefetch_related to 1.3 for 12.04 (LP: #1081388): DONE
[andreserl] SRU django 1.4 upstream bug bug 15496 to 12.04 (LP: #1081392): DONE
[andreserl] SRU 12.10-stabilization to Quantal: DONE
[andreserl] SRU 12.10-stabilization to Precise: DONE
[andreserl] SRU python-tx-tftp (0.1~bzr31-0ubuntu7) to Quantal (LP: #1068843): DONE
[andreserl] SRU python-tx-tftp to Precise: DONE
[andreserl] SRU yui3 to Precise (LP: #1084141): POSTPONED
[andreserl] SRU libjs-raphael to Precise (LP: #1084146): POSTPONED
[andreserl] SRU isc-dhcp apparmor fixes from quantal to precise (LP: #1049177): DONE
[andreserl] SRU Raring features to Quantal: BLOCKED
[andreserl] SRU Raring features to Precise: BLOCKED
[andreserl] Bug #1073462 fence_cdu power type is missing: DONE
[andreserl] Bug #1064224 IPMI detection ends up with power_address of DONE
[andreserl] Bug #1064527 detect_ipmi needs improvement. detects non-existant device in nested kvm: DONE
[andreserl] maas-ipmi-autodetect and maas-signal should be shipped with MAAS: POSTPONED
[maas-maintainers] Bug #975454 complete documentation and man pages: DONE
[maas-maintainers] Bug #1044503 kernel command line is not easily customizable: DONE
[maas-maintainers] Bug #1066775 Main page slow to load with many nodes: DONE
[maas-maintainers] Bug #1068843 maas-cluster-controller doesn't have images for provisioning: DONE
[maas-maintainers] Bug #1069734 Filestorage is unique to each appserver instance: DONE
[maas-maintainers] Bug #1069850 import_pxe_files does not include quantal: DONE
[maas-maintainers] Bug #1070522 maas-cli nodes new incomplete documentation: DONE
[maas-maintainers] Bug #1070765 DNS forward zone ends up with nonsensical entries: DONE
[maas-maintainers] Bug #1070774 The hostname of a node can still be changed once the node is in use: DONE
[maas-maintainers] Bug #1070775 The zone name (attached to a cluster controller) can still be changed when it contains in-use nodes and DNS is managed.: DONE
[maas-maintainers] Bug #1075597 Duplicated prefix in the url used by the CLI: DONE
[maas-maintainers] Bug #1034318 API calls that return a node leak private data: DONE
[maas-maintainers] Bug #1059645 URI in API description wrong when accessing machine via alternative interface: DONE
[maas-maintainers] Bug #1069603 Error in log when using 'Start node' button: MAASAPINotFound: No user data available for this node.: DONE
[maas-maintainers] define supported release combination matrix: TODO

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