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Folsom will have been released into the Cloud Archive during the quantal cycle; we should review what went well and look for scope for improvement in processes and tooling to make managing the cloud archive going forward as light-weight as possible for the Ubuntu Server team.


Consolidate and improve the processes and tools supporting the cloud archive; improve communication around milestone and release process so uses know exactly whats happening and when.

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Dave Walker
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Dave Walker
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Accepted for raring
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milestone icon ubuntu-13.04-beta-1

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User Stories:

Lenora wants to deploy OpenStack Grizzly prior to release for pre-upgrade testing; she is able to easily identify the cloud archive testing PPA and milestone pockets and make use of them in her testing environment.

Ken is currently running OpenStack Folsom on Ubuntu 12.04 from the Cloud Archive; he's notified when the archive for OpenStack Grizzly is released for Ubuntu 12.04 and can then upgrade to the latest and greatest.


Incomplete/untimely communication around status of cloud archive.
Poor documentation around cloud archive development and release process.

Test Plans:

Per-commit testing of the cloud-archive on Ubuntu 12.04 in the OpenStack QA Lab.

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Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.09:
Setup cloud-tools PPA's (staging, proposed, updates): TODO
Update tooling to support cloud-tools workflows: TODO
Setup new pockets on Ubuntu Cloud Archive for cloud-tools: TODO
Define policy for entry of packages into the cloud-tools pocket: TODO
Initial upload of packages to cloud-tools (maas, juju-core, lxc, golang): TODO

Work items:
[davewalker] release folsom in the cloud-archive: DONE
canary testing of cloud-archive pockets with 12.04 on a daily basis: TODO
[gandelman-a] make version reporting part of the official cloud-archive toolset: DONE
[james-page] bug reporting apport stuff for cloud-archive to ensure bugs get to the right location: INPROGRESS
improve and document branch management approach around openstack packages in the main and cloud archives: TODO
communication on what combinations of openstack and ubuntu are actually supported: TODO
document sru process for updates into the cloud archive post review: TODO
[davewalker] document cloud-archive opening process: DONE
table review at TB to make cloud-archive an official part of Ubuntu: TODO
review use of/setup a 'cloud-archive announce' mailing list: DONE
reporting around NBS and toolsets to remove: TODO
[gandelman-a] get hosting for reports: DONE
[davewalker] Tooling to announce pkg changes to mailing list: DONE
[davewalker] Tooling to handle bug closures, like LP Janitor: INPROGRESS
[davewalker] Improved tooling to copy between pockets: DONE

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