Juju Charm Store Web UI improvements

Registered by Jorge Castro

The Juju Charm store is the access point for Juju users to browse, find, and discover charms. It is essential this be an easy and informative tool. This Blueprint is to address the usability of the Charm Store as well as adding in relevant information into the Charm page.

An UI updated Charm Store with additional charm info such as:
 *Usage statistics
 *Charm testing results by provider
 *Charm Quality rating
 * Bug and charm revision history

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Not started
Antonio Rosales
Ubuntu Server
Kapil Thangavelu
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Accepted for raring
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milestone icon ubuntu-13.04

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(Spec details and WI documentation needed) - [12-dec-2012: a.rosales]

--- Discussion at UDS ---

Things to fix for 13.04 in lp:charmworld, including addition of charm ratings to the UI.
   -Discuss adding any possible usage statistics
   -Discuss adding provider testing status

 Current charm browser:
  http://jujucharms.com/ - https://launchpad.net/charmworld
  Example : https://crate.io/packages/requests/

Ideas to add to the charm browser:
    -Charm Quality: https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/charm-quality.html
    -Provider testing status (currently in Jenkins)
    -Be able to easily drill down to specific release charms
    -If you have an LTS version of the charm is there a mechanism to tell the user if they have the latst and greatest charm.
    -Group the charms into "categories"
        -tag charms to be part of a "group"

Ordering: Quality, Assesment, Test results incorporation, usage statistics

[] add charm Charm Quality qualatative assesment rating to the charms in the Charm Browser
[marcoceppi] include provider testing status in the charm browser (https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Charms/): TODO
[] list charms that are curently failing in a given provider
[] include download stats from the charm store
[] have a link to "ask ubuntu" which passes appropriate tags onto Ask Ubuntu
[] add login via ubuntu SSO
[] SEO Optimization for current release charms (google search for juju wordpress charm)
[] series linking from charm details
[] qualitative assement on charm display, + on listing, (stretch) sorting
[] user ratings
[] define rubric/catalog of tags
[] update charm proof to be tag aware
[] upstream discussion of tags
[] charmworld to have tag based display
[] pull testing artifacts
[] download stats recorded
[] most popular downloads by series
[] twitter feed on homepage
[] handover to twitter account to jorge
[] login via ubuntu sso [enablement for quality assessment forms]
[] tracking average review time on charmers review queue, avg time in the queue. for trending direction analysis
[] charm revisions from store displayed more prominently.
[] check if we can make '.' a valid character in charms and also 'juju' and 'ubuntu'
[] charm proof rewrite
[] beautiful error pages
[] breadcrumb links on tools 404
[] hooks in breadcrumbs 404
[] symlinks more relevant
[] tab the user interface for a charm
[] jorge fixes readme for markdown display
[] time travel on revisions, ie what store revision existing at a given point in time


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