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Ceph is becoming a core part of the open source storage story for Ubuntu, including as part of Ubuntu Cloud/Openstack.

We need continued focus on Ceph with good collaboration with upstream and better gating of ceph ecosystem changes into the Ubuntu archive to assure quality of Ceph on Ubuntu, during the development release and for the cloud archive, making Ubuntu the preferred deployment choice for Ceph.


Ceph Bobtail LTS in Ubuntu 13.04 and Grizzly Cloud Archive with improved testing coverage/gating with Openstack and standalone.

Blueprint information

Dave Walker
Ubuntu Server
James Page
Series goal:
Accepted for raring
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-13.04-beta-1
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James Page
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James Page


User Stories:

Franks want to use Ceph as a back end for Openstack Cinder and Glance and take advantage of the fast copy-on-right cloning of block devices supported in Ceph Bobtail. He is able to deploy this using Juju and MaaS on hardware on Ubuntu 12.04 using the Grizzly Cloud Archive.

Ben wants to deploy an Ubuntu archive mirror in his new public cloud. He's able todo this using Juju with Ceph and the RADOS gateway charms using the existing tooling he uses for managing his archive mirror in Amazon ec2.

Tanya wants to use the upstart integration for Ceph with XFS as the underlying filesystem. She is able todo this using the packages in Ubuntu 13.04.

James want to ensure the quality of the Ceph packages in the Ubuntu archive at all times; as the packages include DEP-8 tests these are used to gate uploads into the main development archive.

Toby wants to use an LTS release of Ceph with Openstack Folsom on Ubuntu 12.04. The cloud archive provides him with the required packages.


Insufficent hardware resources to perform multi-node testing of Ceph on hardware.
Upgrade path to Ceph with upstart breaks badly.
Openstack integration with Ceph breaks during Grizzly development.

Test Plans:

Ceph as a backend for Openstack in the Openstack CI Lab providing per-commit testing of Openstack with Ceph.

DEP-8 automated testing of Ceph providing gated entry of Ceph packages into the Ubuntu Archive.

Single node testing of Ceph using UTAH.

Multi-node testing of Ceph on a regular basis using Juju charms.

Release Note:

Ubuntu 13.04 include the latest Ceph LTS release, 0.5x.x 'Bobtail'. This release includes support for fast copy-on-write cloning of Ceph RADOS block devices and performance and stability improvements in Ceph OSD. The packaging also include upstart configurations for Ceph which provide an alternative, more automated way to manage a Ceph cluster,

Ceph 0.5x.x is also avaliable in the Cloud Archive for Openstack Grizzly.


Work Items

Work items:
Backport argonaut to precise-folsom cloud archive: DONE
Upstream support for XFS in ceph-disk-*: DONE
MIR for additional dependencies for upstart integration: DONE
Write dep8 tests for ceph and get automated: POSTPONED
Write UTAH tests for ceph and get automated: DONE
Upgrade packaging to bobtail release: DONE
Enable upstart configurations in packaging: DONE
Test upgrade paths from 12.10 with upstart and init scripts: DONE
Review upstream patches for mod_fastcgi: POSTPONED
Review/test ceph RADOS with mod_fcgid: POSTPONED
Identify use-cases for ceph performance scenarios: POSTPONED
Upload bobtail to the grizzly cloud archive: DONE
Multi-node ceph testing in the lab: DONE
Ceph testing in the Openstack CI Lab: DONE
Enable rbd storage pool support in libvirt: DONE
Update ceph charms to support bobtail: DONE
Upload 0.56.2: DONE
Upload 0.56.3: DONE
Upload 0.56.4: DONE
Minor Release Exception for Ceph SRU's: DONE
Implement more in-depth testing of Ceph to support SRU's: POSTPONED

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