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At the last OpenStack Design Summit (Folsom), an HA session was held. This session discussed the single points of failure in OpenStack and how it was possible to provide HA to some of the components by integrating them with Pacemaker/Corosync based clusters.

The decision was to make use of 3 RA's, which are glance-api, glance-registry and keystone for the cluster stack. These, are in beta phase and have not officially been released. Even though Ubuntu fully supports the Cluster Stack, the RA's have not yet been integrated with the packages.

Ubuntu should make sure that these RA's get integrated successfully.

Ensure OpenStack HA components are integrated and supported in Ubuntu

Blueprint information

Dave Walker
Ubuntu Server
Andres Rodriguez
Series goal:
Accepted for quantal
Beta Available
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-12.10
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Kate Stewart
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Andres Rodriguez

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UDS Discussion Points:

  - DRBD Master/Slave
  - Multi Master
* HA RabbitMQ
  - DRBD Master/Slave (Deprecated)
  - RabbitMQ Active/Active (Mirrored Queues) - OpenStack Client side changes
* HA Glance/Keystone
  - Upstart
  - RA's - Connect to the services
    - Glance API
    - Glance Registry
    - Keystone
* Nova
  - Front-end API Servers - HW/ SW load balancer. All run nova-scheduler
  - Nova Volume - Starting from Folsom, boot a persistant volume is a feature. Solves issues in Live Migration.
  - Nova Compute -
  - Nova Network - Significant Challenge.
* Do we need to start thinking about Quantum HA as it will also be core.

User Stories:

Frank wants to setup various of the OpenStack components in HA. He currently can do it for MySQL and RabbitMQ, however, he's being unable to do it for other components such as Glance and Keystone. By deploying Ubuntu 12.10, he will find himself with the ability to be able to setup HA for Glance and Keystone given the provided RA's are now in the archives.

These RA's are officially released by upstream (Hastexo).
These RA's are included in the resource-agents package.

Test Plans:

1) Upgrade path
Upgrading from 12.04 will provide the new RA's. However, in this will require manual configuration in order to provide the HA feature.

2) New Install
New install will require the user to configure the services in HA too.


Work Items

Work items:
[nijaba] Connect to Russel Bryant about RabbitMQ HA: POSTPONED
[andreserl] Update pacemaker: DONE
[andreserl] Update corosync: POSTPONED
[andreserl] Update heartbeat: POSTPONED
[andreserl] Update openais: POSTPONED
[andreserl] Update RHCS: DONE
[andreserl] Forward RHCS packages to Debian: DONE
[andreserl] Update DRBD: DONE
[andreserl] Track GlanceAPI, Glance Registry, Keystone RA's, and ensure they hit the archive.: POSTPONED
juju charm for pacemaker: POSTPONED
juju charm for corosync: POSTPONED
juju charms for DRBD (adam_g says it is impossible, SpampS seems it is possible): POSTPONED
MySQL HA juju charm: POSTPONED
Investigate HA for Horizon (memcached HA): POSTPONED

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