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Recently it was announced (at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/CloudArchive) that we will be backporting newer releases of Openstack to precise in order to offer users a chance to use newer features of Openstack when it becomes available. This means that users can have the stability of an LTS while using a newer version of Openstack.


Provide users to use the latest Openstack releases on an Ubuntu LTS.

Blueprint information

Dave Walker
Ubuntu Server
Chuck Short
Series goal:
Accepted for quantal
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-12.10-beta-2
Started by
Kate Stewart
Completed by
Dave Walker

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UDS Discussion points:

Welcome to Ubuntu Developer Summit!
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'The Cloud Archive'
 - Personal and not of release quality with 'unknown' controls.
- NOT backports
 - Only single version can be supported at a time

 - http://undacuvabrutha.wordpress.com/2012/04/19/openstack-in-ubuntu-server-12-04-lts/
 - Upgrade testing for possible upgrade paths.

Cloud Archive will support Openstack and all of its dependencies.
 - Duplicate set of pockets for each openstack release
 - Release Mangement? Archive Freezes? can this be supported using the existing process/mechanism?
Release Approach
- 2 week offset from main ubuntu release cycle
- same processes around archive pocket freezes as main ubuntu release.
- Support targetting to cloud archive overlay packages.
PPA - developer options for using openstack on current stable release
Mirror/Archive Location
- Not mirrored.
Work with OpenStack upstream to produce consolidated PPA strategy
Sync with CI strategy for Openstack QA - specifically upgrade testing
Create 'cloud-archive' project and infrastructure to support.
Document release process and schedule
Feature for add-apt-repository to enable cloud archive with nice addressing scheme.

User Stories:

Al wants to use multi-host ARM servers however since he still wants run to precise he needs to run Folsom since it has proper ARM support for running instances. By deploying Folsom from the cloud archive he can use the latest cutting features of Folsom while still using precise.

Dave wants to use hyper-v on Openstack, since it was removed in essex. Dave will have to upgrade to folsom but still wants to use an LTS release of Ubuntu as a base.


- Applies to nova, swift, glance, quantum, horizon, and keystone.
- Folsom packaging is in production quality for precise.
- Juju charms have been updated to either run folsom or essex on precise.
- Packages that are not found in precise will be backported as well.

Test Plan

1) Upgrade path

Test upgrade from precise to folsom on precise.

2) Charms

Charms on precise will be updated to either support folsom or essex.

3) New install

New installation of precise, user installs folsom straight fromt the cloud archive.

Release Notes:
Ubuntu 12.10 provides users still running an Ubuntu server LTS newer openstack releases throught the Ubuntu Cloud Archive.


Work Items

Work items:
Write up policy for cloud archive: DONE
Write up process for cloud archvie: DONE
Create related packaging branches: DONE
Write upgrade tests for Openstack: POSTPONED
Create openstack-ci infrastructure: DONE
Liase with canonical-is to create cloud-archive for precise-folsom: DONE
Create launchpad project for cloud-archvie: DONE
Create staging PPA for cloud-archive: DONE
Publicize cloud-archive in a blog post: DONE
Upload folsom-1 to the cloud archive: DONE
Upload folsom-2 to the cloud archive: DONE
Upload folsom-3 to the cloud archive: DONE
Upload release candidate to the cloud archive: DONE
Upload final release to the cloud archive: DONE

Dependency tree

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