Review of Server Bug Triage Process

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The ubuntu server team have been using the current bug triage process for a full release now.

We should review the current process and reports to ensure that the current process is working and to identify any improvements that can/should be made during the quantal release cycle.


Ensure that bugs are triaged in a consistent and timely fashion and that new members of the Ubuntu server team and get up-to-speed quickly in the bug triage rota.

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Antonio Rosales
Ubuntu Server
James Page
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Accepted for quantal
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James Page
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James Page

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UDS Discussion Points:

Review of current process
How is the New/Undecided -> New process working? are we losing focus during this step?
We have a backlog - we need to have a blitz on pushing stuff through.
Additional tagging to help with triage.
 - unreproducable?

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User Stories:

Alphonse has just started contributing to Ubuntu as a member of the Ubuntu Server team. He's able to quickly and effectively start triaging bugs using the bug triage workflow and guide.

Graham is a regular bug triager on the Ubuntu Server Bug Triage rota. His life is made alot easier as installation and upgrade failures are automatically marked as duplicates by the bug bot which allows him to get to the most valuable and high impact bugs rather than trawling through install/upgrade failure logs during this triage time.

Tony is doing some analysis on installation and upgrade failures in the Ubuntu Server packageset. As these bugs are now automatically marked as duplicates he can easily see which packages are causing the most pain during upgrades.


- Reporting will continue to be delivered outside of launchpad.
- All bugs will continue to be reported inside launchpad.
- Automation activity will be carried out by bug bots.

Test Plan: TBC
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Work Items

Work items:
[ursinha] Check with brian-murray his tools to mark duplicates and see how this applies to get rid of the installation/upgrade bugs: POSTPONED
[ursinha] Check how to isolate installation/upgrade failures and start doing something with apport to filter invalid ones out: POSTPONED
[ursinha] Use bryce script to expire bugs targeted to non supported releases: POSTPONED
[james-page] Document triage process and circulate for RFP and then refine: DONE
[ursinha] Update bug triage reports to align to any changes to the triage process: POSTPONED

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