PowerNap's Future

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Discuss the future of PowerNap based on the feedback received on conferences where it was presented lately as well as discuss previous defined features.

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Andres Rodriguez
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Work Items:
[andreserl] Dynamically reload configuration: DONE
[andreserl] Support for MODULES and SERVICES: DONE
Move monitors to asynchronous mode (ProcessMonitor with netlink): POSTPONED
Support for PowerSave profiles: POSTPONED
GTK for selection of PowerSave profiles: POSTPONED
Finish Client/Server approach: POSTPONED
OpenStack Power Scheduler integration: POSTPONED
Messaging with RabbitMQ: POSTPONED
Integration with NUT: POSTPONED

= Agenda ==

 * Feature request/review
 * Client/Server approach to deploy PowerNap datacenter wide.
   * Server ARP monitoring for automatic wakeup.
 * Integration with NUT
 * Server Pivot mode for Orchestra
 * Desktop/Server profiles
 * Integration with other projects, such as OpenStack, Landscape etc.
 * White/Black lists of known good/bad hardware

Previous work items:

[andreserl] Add auto-publishing support for PowerNap clients via avahi: POSTPONED
[andreserl] Add component listener to Powerwaked for auto-registration (Server): POSTPONED
[andreserl] Provide powerwaked to check status of registered machines in a Client/Server fashion: POSTPONED
[andreserl] Provide powernapd with a method to listen messages from powerwaked: POSTPONED
[andreserl] Change polling monitoring system to event based system: POSTPONED
[andreserl] Look into integration of PowerNap/PowerWaked with NUT: POSTPONED
[andreserl] Investigate/add additional pm-powersave tweaks from ARM: POSTPONED
[andreserl] Define sample profiles i.e. For Web Servers, File Servers, Laptops etc: POSTPONED
[andreserl] Perhaps involve someone on the Desktop Team to improve powernap for Laptops: POSTPONED
[andreserl] Add pre-start to upstart job to determine whether machine is virtual or physical (facter virtual): POSTPONED

== Agenda ==

 * Client/Server approach to deploy PowerNap datacenter wide.
   * Server ARP monitoring for automatic wakeup.
   * Server Pivot mode for Orchestra
   * OpenStack + Orchestra testing/integration
     * might be implemented differently than UEC/Eucalyptus/PowerNap, but we need something similar at least
 * Integration with NUT
  * powerwake mode to talk to nut to power systems on
  * powernap "remote" mode to talk to nut to power remote systems down
 * Desktop/Server profiles
  * currently have one set of profiles used by all systems
 * New tricks to reduce power consumption
 * White/Black lists of known good/bad hardware
 * Feature request/review

== Outcome ==

OpenStack Power Scheduler Integration.
 * RabbitMQ?
     * Some random people seem to consider moving away from rabbitMQ for another AMQP implementation (to be confirmed with actual working code)

Gnome power (or UPower?) daemon integration/interaction
 * add a configuration option to enable GPD to use the powernap state to determine machine's activity or non-activity
 * test modern 3.2 kernel (against 2.6.38), verify kernel doing the right thing on idle CPUs, and hopefully purge PowerNap's cpu offline script
 * upstart/dbus/inotify integration as asynchronous monitoring systems
   * Move one monitor to asynchronous mode (prove it can be done, show how to do it)
     * ProcessMonitor - netlink for process creation/deletion


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