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In Ubuntu we made a lot of effort to get Orchestra. The purpose of blueprint will keep track of the work needed to be done in Precise for orchestra.

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Dave Walker
Needs approval
Andres Rodriguez
Series goal:
Accepted for precise
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-12.04-beta-1
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Andres Rodriguez

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- This spec needs some more meat before UDS.

Work Items:
MIR for orchestra: POSTPONED
[andreserl] Replace default username/password for provisioned systems with something more secure: DONE
Make preseed files conffiles (again) so that it's easier for admin to change default user/pass: POSTPONED
Investigate use of ssh-import-id to ease import of SSH keys: DONE
Testing of IPMI: DONE
extend cobbler to store hardware information and share with ocsinventory: POSTPONED
[lynxman] get nagios working better by default: DONE
MIR enough of Orchestra to get onto install ISO: DONE
ocsinventory integration into Orchestra: POSTPONED
[racb] test/extend ARM support: POSTPONED
test adding a few thousand (fake) systems to cobbler and test memory/scalability limits: DONE
fix cobbler bugs: DONE
Full review of default preseed for orchestra: DONE
Make client package (and its Recommends) installation optional in preseed: POSTPONED
Move byobu by default into orchestra_client_package snippet: POSTPONED
[andreserl] Make import ISO's optional during install: DONE
Nagios plugin for rabbitmq-server: POSTPONED
Nagios plugin for libvirt: POSTPONED
Nagios plugin for nova: POSTPONED
Nagios plugin for swift: POSTPONED
Test ISCSI/AOE hardware with orchestra: POSTPONED
juju charm for nagios-plugins: POSTPONED
juju charm for rsyslog: POSTPONED
juju charm for nrpe: POSTPONED
juju charm for ocsinventory: POSTPONED
juju charm for collectd: POSTPONED
juju charm for glusterfs: POSTPONED
[andreserl] package if not already - oops: DONE
[andreserl] package if not already - oops_amqp: DONE
[andreserl] package if not already - oops_datedir_repo: DONE
[andreserl] package if not already - oops_twisted: DONE
[andreserl] package if not already - oops_wsgi: DONE
[andreserl] package if not already - txamqp: DONE
python-django-debug-toolbar (= 0.9.1): TODO
[andreserl] raise MIR if needed - oops: DONE
[andreserl] raise MIR if needed - oops_amqp: DONE
[andreserl] raise MIR if needed - oops_datedir_repo: DONE
[andreserl] raise MIR if needed - oops_twisted: DONE
[andreserl] raise MIR if needed - oops_wsgi: DONE
[andreserl] raise MIR if needed - txamqp: DONE
[andreserl] raise MIR if needed - python-django-piston: DONE
[andreserl] raise MIR if needed - python-django-south: DONE
[davewalker] Add Maas installation option to installer: DONE
[andreserl] Update Ubuntu installer to look for Maas servers over AVAHI: DONE
Implement turning DHCP off: POSTPONED
lshw service: POSTPONED

Questions / Comments:
Detailed so far, but I fear there is feature work we haven't yet documented. --Daviey


Work Items:


Work Items

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